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Journal article

Mathematical analysis of the global paradigm

Dubrov, D.V.;


The trajectory of Economic Development of the Russian Federation is far from optimal, due not so much the objective complexity of the transition to a developed market economy in conditions of unstable exter nal economic environment, as the lack of effective management, clear strategic objectives and the criteria for their gradual achievement. One of the necessary conditions for effective operation of control systems in modern condi tions - the presence of analytical decision support systems for the monitoring of indicators of operational man agement and strategic planning. Their use must be primarily for the management of objects with complex struc ture, high dynamics of development and a large number of constituent elements. There is no doubt that such a tool is a mathematical analysis of the research operation or malfunction of the modern economy, the search for potential and actual sources of such violations and to identify ways and means to eliminate them, and the issues of improving modeling techniques, approaches to the development of analytical tools and their application in gov ernment, despite numerous studies and developments are still relevant and are changing with the development of the control object - economic system.


Международные научные исследования

ISSN : 2076-9563