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Journal article

Inhibition of in vitro metabolic activation of carcinogens by wheat sprout extracts  [1978]

Lai, Chiu-Nan Dabney, Betty J. Shaw, Charles R.


Extracts from the roots and leaves of wheat sprouts selectively inhibited the mutagenic effects of carcinogens requiring metabolic activation. The inhibition of the activation of potent carcinogens is quite strong at a reasonably low level of extract; in addition, the wheat sprout extract is nontoxic even at high levels, while most known inhibitors are toxic at medium to high concentration levels. The inhibitory properties of wheat sprout extract may be explained by the synergistic interaction of metals, or by the interaction of trace elements and vitamins. Alternatively, the extracts may contain antioxidants or enzymes that direct the promutagens to a nonmutagenic product. Mung bean and lentil sprouts also showed inhibitory activities


Nutrition and Cancer (USA)

ISSN : 0163-5581