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Journal article

Coleoptile length, stem height and harvest index in wheat genotypes with different Rht genes  [1995]

Kobiljski, B.; Dencic, S. (Institute for Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad (Yugoslavia));


The influence of different Rht genes (Rht 0, Rht 1, Rht 2, Rht 1+2, Rht 3 and Rht 8) on coleoptile length, stem height and harvest index was determined. Genotypes without Rht genes (Rht 0) had the longest coleoptile and highest stem. The shortest coleoptile and dwarf stems were measured in the presence of the Rht 3 gene. The same relations between different groups of cultivars (Rht genes) were found in coleoptile length and in stem height. The ratio coleoptile length/stem height was 4.84-5.89 for all cultivars with different Rht genes. It can be concluded that final stem height could be well predicted from coleoptile length for each of the Rht genes analysed. Variation of harvest index was from 17.5 (Rht 3) to 40 (Rht 1+2). The strong negative effect on harvest index emerging in the presence of Rht 1 and Rht 2 genes, indicates that in Yugoslav agroecological conditions they are very sensitive to drought and high temperatures during the grain filling period.


Genetika (Yugoslavia)

ISSN : 0534-0012