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Armenian State Agrarian University is the only higher educational institution that trains and prepares specialists for agrarian sphere. ASAU has passed a glorious scientific and educational road, and the University is proud of its graduates who serve for the welfare and prosperity of our state. Issues concerning the improvement and development of higher education, as well as the quality and utility of research works have always been a priority for the University authority and the personnel. Due to already formed traditions and achieved accompli [...]

Journal Article

Journal article

Universal nutrient medium for aerobic germs.  [2009]

Grigoryan, S., State Agrarian University of Armenia, Yerevan (Armenia); Mkhitaryan, A., State Agrarian University of Armenia, Yerevan (Armenia); Tsaturyan, L., State Agrarian University of Armenia, Yerevan (Armenia);

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The nutrient medium made of terrestrial snails is fit for growing a number of aerobic germs, such as Bac.anthracis, E.coli, P.multocida. The nutrient medium is not expencive and has easy method of preparation.

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Bulletin of State Agrarian University of Armenia

ISSN : 1829-0000