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Gürbüz, İftar; Aksoy, Gürsoy;

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It was aimed to examine the venous drainage and myocardial bridges of the heart in Hemshin and Tuj sheep. Venae cordis of the sheep were examined by corrosion cast and latex injection techniques. The venous drainages of the hearts were observed to be supplied by vena cordis magna, vena cordis media, venae cordis dextrae and venae cordis minimae. The vena marginis ventricularis sinistri was opened into vena cordis magna in 50% of the Tuj and Hemshin sheep hearts and it was opened into the coronary sinus in the others. The coronary sinus were opened into vena cava caudalis in the 2 Hemshin sheep. The vena distalis ventriculi sinistri wasn’t found in the Tuj and Hemshin sheep. The venae cordis dextrae were formed to vena semicircumflexa dextrii in 5 Hemshin sheep and Tuj sheep. The venae cordis dextrae was opened into righ atrium separately in the 5 Hemshin sheep. There were many anastomoses between cardiac veins in Tuj and Hemshin sheep. In 60% of Tuj and Hemshin sheep hearts were observed to have myocardial bridges on the vena cordis media, mostly on incisura apicis cordis. There weren’t prominent differences with regard to coronary vessels between Tuj and Hemshin sheep.

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