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Journal Article

Journal article

Mapeo genético y análisis de QTL para carotenos en una población s1 de yuca  [2009]

Marín Colorado, Jaime Alberto(Centro internacional de Agricultura Tropical -CiAT); Ramírez, Hernando(Universidad Nacional de Colombia Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias); Fregene, Martin(Centro internacional de Agricultura Tropical -CiAT);

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The S1 population of the Thai variety MTAi8 (AM320), which shows patterns of segregation defined by the content of total carotenes (beta-carotene), underwent an analysis of segregating bulk (BSA = Bulk segregating Analysis) using 700 molecular markers type microsatellites or SSR. There were generated 25 tying groups and identifying 3 major QTLs associated with a region of the genome of cassava with the content of total carotenes. Three markers SSR; explained the 37.2% (NS109), 32% (rSSRY251) and 27.7% (rSSRY313) of the total phenotypic variance, placed in the Group D strongly tying, associated with the content of total carotenes in the family AM320 S1, which established a strong positive correlation between color and content root pulp carotenes total (r = 0.81), and between negative and carotenes total dry matter (r = -0.31). The three possible QTLs showed positive and additive effect for the content of totals carotenes and could be an opportunity to implement assisted selection markers for total carotenes in cassava.

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Acta Agronómica

ISSN : 0120-2812