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Journal Article

Journal article

Influencia de la aplicación de vinaza en actividad y biomasa microbiana en un Entic Dystropept y un Fluventic haplustoll del Valle del Cauca, Colombia  [2009]

Montenegro Gómez, Sandra Patricia(Universidad Nacional de Colombia Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias); Menjivar Flórez, Juan Carlos(Universidad Nacional de Colombia Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias); Bonilla Correa, Carmen Rosa(Universidad Nacional de Colombia Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias); Madriñán Molina, Raúl(Universidad Nacional de Colombia Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias);

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With the vinasse application, a residue from the production of fuel ethanol from sugarcane, the effect on the activity of soil microbial biomass an the supply of K+ to crop sweet corn (Zea Mays) in two soils of the Cauca Valley, Colombia were evaluated: Entic Dystropept and Fluventic Haplustoll . Was used a completely randomized design with four replications and five treatments: T1 (100% requirement of K+ with KCl), T2 (100% requirement of K+ with vinasse), T3 (50% requirement of K+ with KCl + 50% with vinasse), T4 (25% requirement of K+ with KCl +75% with vinasse). The microbial biomass was estimated by the fumigation-extraction method. The results were evaluated using analysis of variance, mean comparison test and correlation and resgression (SAS). There were significant differences in the activity and microbial biomass-C by sampling time and among deferent samples. At the end of the crop, the Entic Dystropept had higher content of microbial biomass-C at T2, while in the Fluventic Haplustoll showed higher content in T1. The lowest qCO2 was for the Entic Distropept at T2 and T1 in Fluventic Haplustoll. These treatments had a greater accumulation of biomass in each soil respectively T2 (30 450 kg ha-1) and T1 (21 015.6 ha kg-1).

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Acta Agronómica

ISSN : 0120-2812