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Journal article

Desalination of Kashan City’s Water Using PEBA-Based Nanocomposite Membranes via Pervaporation  [2017]

Azadikhah Marian, Soheill; Asghari, Morteza; Amini, Zahra;

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In this work, performance of composite membranes was investigated for desalination of Kashan city’s water via pervaporation process. PEBA/PAN/PE, PEBA/PSF/PE and PEBA+NaX/PSF/PE composite membranes that used, was synthesized via a phase inversion route. For all experiments under 45◦C, salt rejection was too high and equals to 99.9% that this quantity dropped by increasing the temperature that cause membrane swelling in high temperatures. Water contact angle and water take-up were measured to evaluate the hydrophilicity of the membrane. Also the effect of operating conditions including feed temperature and permeate pressure on permeability and selectivity is discussed. A permeate flux of 4.93 kg/m2h with salt rejection of 99.9% could be achieved at a feed temperature of 50 °C and a vacuum of 0.04 bar. Apparent diffusion coefficients of water at various permeate pressure and feed temperature are calculated. The most effective parameter was feed temperature.