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Journal article

The Potential of ZnO Nanoparticles to Reduce Water Consuming in Iranian Heavy Oil Reservoir  [2016]

Tajmiri, Masoumeh; Ehsani, Mohammad Reza;

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Water is critically important, because its supply is under stress. In oil fields, the ratio-of-water-to-oil (WCUT%) can be 95% or higher. Managing this produced water is a great challenge whereas the best opportunity to reduce costs, improve profitability and preserve the natural environment. The oil industry is looking for more effective ways to reduce water consuming and improve the recovery rates. Nano materials are an obvious place to look. This study provides new insights into ZnO nanoparticles effects on residual oil saturation (SOR) and WCUT% through steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) process by experimental work. Laboratory tests were conducted in two experiments through the use of 2 dimensional scaled SAGD cell from an Iranian heavy oil reservoir. In the first experiment, the SAGD cell was saturated with heavy oil and in the second one, the cell was flooded with nanoparticles before saturation with oil. The amount of recoveries were monitored during 12 hours. Results show that the ultimate oil recoveries increase from 52.43% to 87.93% by adding ZnO nanoparticles, respectively. The experimental results provide the nanoparticles ability to reduce produced water and minimize fresh water use can contribute to water conservation.