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Journal article

Determining the damage inflicted by tourists on the Curonian Spit National Park and preventive measures for dune creation  [2012]

Morkūnaitė, R.; Karmaza, B.; Bauža, D.;

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This article contains the results of investigation into the recreational load carried out by a group of researchers in the Nagliai Nature Reserve in the Lithuanian Curonian Spit National Park, and in the blown-out dunes south of Nida. The information concerning the trampled areas and their relative portion in the preserved territory, the definition of preserved areas and decisions related to their use in the Master Plan of the National park of Curonian spit (CSNP), and also methods used for calculation of recreational loads is presented herein. Comparison of the obtained results with data reported by other authors provides the conclusion that the recreational load in the CSNP is less than commonly presumed. Although this conclusion is partly predetermined by methodical differences, the presented data provides an important basis for further planning of recreational areas and the preservation of sensitive habitats.

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Ekológia (Slovak Republic)

ISSN : 1335-342X