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The report focuses on a series of activities undertaken by the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute to deal with recommendations for improvement of soil and water management practices in the Atkins Report. The objectives were to arrest soil erosion where small farmers' methods had deleterious effects and increase productivity in areas where soil moisture is limiting crop p ...

SUBJECT: production vegetale; saint-cristophe-et-nevis/ conservation des sols; conservation de l'eau; conservacion de aguas; montserrat

Details the procedure of pineapple propagation. Makes the following observations: (a) the shoots develop best when the humidity is less (b) it is not necessary to use hormones and chemicals on the stems from the sterns (c) the removal of one shoot causes the other shoots to increase more rapidly in growth and (d) the shoots grow better in beds than in bins

SUBJECT: pesada; ananas comosus; pesee; multiplication des plantes; repiquage

Discusses the development of useful production technology for both hot pepper and papaya in Antigua and Barbuda. Production has increased for both crops since 1993 and hot pepper is now included as a priority crop in the export development programme which has involved farmers as exporters for the first time. The commercial production of papaya was hampered by the outbreak of papaya stem canker ...

SUBJECT: production vegetale; investigacion; guindilla; capsicum; mercadeo

Discusses the use of local resources to maintain a sustainable ruminant livestock system. Suggests the use of local forage crops such as leucaena, guinea grass and sugar cane to supply required nutrition while reducing the country's import bill

SUBJECT: sante animale; sanidad animal; systeme d'exploitation agricole; sustitucion de la importacion; antigua y barbuda

POSTED TO: AGFA News (Antigua and Barbuda)

Discusses the increasing problem of dogs' attacks on small ruminants. Notes that there is a need for stricter legislation regarding the control of animals such as licencing and penalties against owners who allow their animals freedom to roam

SUBJECT: agricultores; perro; agriculteur; antigua y barbuda; mammifere nuisible

POSTED TO: AGFA News (Antigua and Barbuda)

Discusses the problems of stray dogs' attack on small ruminants. Notes that the menace is the number one cause of death in ruminants even above diseases. Proposed reasons for dogs attacking livestock and suggests methods which dog owners may adopt to prevent their pets from participating in small ruminant attacks

SUBJECT: agricultores; ruminant; betail; perro; ganado

POSTED TO: AGFA News (Antigua and Barbuda)

This report attempts to highlight the social and economic gains made by women with in the last decade in Antigua and Barbuda. Suggests that a review of the laws pertaining to women is required especially where employment issues are concerned. Also notes that there is a need for a break through in the area of adult education especially in the field of science and technology

SUBJECT: empleo; bien etre social; bienestar social; role des femmes; amas de casa

Discusses the problem of over reliance on imported vegetable commodities which can be produced locally at reasonable costs. Notes that local, regional and international market opportunities are often lost due to insufficient quantities or sub-standard quality of vegetables. Seeks to review the existing constraints in force and assess the current state of public and private sector support to ve ...

SUBJECT: plante legumiere; production vegetale; exportation; caribe; exportaciones

POSTED TO: IICA Technical Events Series (Antigua and Barbuda) [0253-4746]

Discusses the activities of the IICA towards the strengthening of the agricultural sector throughout Antigua and Barbuda and the subregion of the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States. Notes the organization's involvement in various projects involving training, technology transfer, plant protection, animal health and information retrieval systems

SUBJECT: protection des plantes; production vegetale; developpement agricole; association d'agriculteurs; control de enfermedades

Discusses the development of the agricultural sector over a period of four decades. Notes the influence of macro-policies on agricultural development and the finite life span of institutions which are established to carry out these policies. Concludes that a packaged approach to agricultural development is most effective in terms of providing services and infrastructural assistance

SUBJECT: infraestructura; developpement agricole; coyuntura agraria; utilizacion de la tierra; pesca