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Centre for Scientific and Technical Information and Documentation, Committee for Science and Technology

During the double test the pathological cause of the respiratory infections was defined in 12 economies and the following results obtained: Pl-3 20.29%, Adeno 11,8%, IBR 8,16% and BVD 0,28%. The ages most affected by the infections of Pl-3 and IBR are 2-4 months and by the Adenovirus 4-6 months. The highest level of infection, is observed during the third and fourth quarters of the year, but c ...

SUBJECT: saison; ternero; veau; estaciones del ano; diagnostico de laboratorio

POSTED TO: Buletini i Shkencave Zooteknike e Veterinare (Albania)

During the vegetative season March-October, was studied the influence of concentration of the two biogenic elements, the nitrogen of the nitrates and the phosphorus on the absolute value and dynamics of several components of the four fish cultivation reservoirs. As a result of the consumption by the algae, the concentration of the biogeneses during this season is lowered and accompanied by abs ...

SUBJECT: albanie/ reservoir d'eau; peces; albania/ embalses; nitratos; fosfatos

POSTED TO: Buletini i Shkencave Zooteknike e Veterinare (Albania)

[The renal coccidiosis of geese]

Leka, A. et al. [sep1986]

This disease was verified for the first time in 1984 in geese flocks of one agricultural cooperative, where it affected chiefly the 15 days and 3 months chickens. Coccistop and Sulphamidin were used successfully in the treatment of this disease, whereas Duccoccin had no effect

SUBJECT: coccidiose; albania/ eimeria; rinones; coccidiostaticos; terapeutica medicamentosa

POSTED TO: Buletini i Shkencave Zooteknike e Veterinare (Albania)

Bone flour and superphosphate were used as a phosphorus source in a dose of 50 g/day. Four experiments were carried out in the conditions of production. The effect of phosphorus addition on the increase of the live weight of the calves was quite good (11-17%), with an economic effect to 17 leks/kg of mineral addition to the food ration. The employed phosphorus increases the eatability of the f ...

SUBJECT: phosphore/ production de viande; ternero; fosforo/ produccion de carne; veau; complement alimentaire

POSTED TO: Buletini i Shkencave Zooteknike e Veterinare (Albania)

Are described the clinical and necroscopic analyses of clavicepspaspaltocsicosa and the mycological method, use in this disease diagnostication, after having studied several flocks of pheasants and turkeys, which were infected naturally and through experiments. The pheasants and the turkeys are liable to mycotocsicosis infection which is made passible through the semi-extensive growth of these ...

SUBJECT: inspeccion postmortem; faisan; dindon; diagnostico; albania/ sintomas de enfermedades (animales)

POSTED TO: Buletini i Shkencave Zooteknike e Veterinare (Albania)

Bacteriological researches are carried out on 266 fetuses of cows, in 78 vaginal drains and in 218 preputial rinsings for the determination of miscarriage bacterial causes. Is emphasized that the separated cultures are responsible for cows miscarriage. For the first time through bacteriological and serological analyses the Ve foetus of Salmonella is defined as a cause of cows miscarriage. The ...

SUBJECT: aborto; reaccion antigeno-anticuerpo; albanie/ bacterie; feto; diagnostico de laboratorio

POSTED TO: Buletini i Shkencave Zooteknike e Veterinare (Albania)

One of the ways for production increase is the finding, selection, obtaining and use of the effective virus of the nitrogen fixation bacteria "Rhizobium-Japonicum". The tuberculins selected from healty roots are processed in the laboratory with alcohol sublimate. The juice contained in the tuberculins is used for the preparation of bacterial suspension. The cultivation of the "Rhizobium-Japoni ...

SUBJECT: analyse microbiologique; selection; soja; productivite; analisis microbiologico

POSTED TO: Buletini i Shkencave Bujqesore (Albania)

By helminthological expertise, carried out on 1789 animals, it was observed the invasion of granulose Echinococcus. The invasion affected 47.8% of the cattle, 15.2% of the sheep, 5% of the pigs and 4.6% of the goats. Are considered several measures that should be taken for the confinement of this disease, which affects both men and animals

SUBJECT: equinococosis; albanie/ necropsie; porcin; ovinos; albania/ inspeccion postmortem

POSTED TO: Buletini i Shkencave Zooteknike e Veterinare (Albania)

The serological analyses are carried out through the method of agglutination and microprecipitation by means of black bottom microscope with an 80-120 times magnifying power. The antiserums produced were of a good quality with a diluting capacity of 1/6-8 up to 1/15

SUBJECT: reaccion de inmunoprecipitacion; reaction d'immunoprecipitation; pomme de terre; papa; virosis/ diagnostico

POSTED TO: Buletini i Shkencave Bujqesore (Albania)

The hoof lesions constitute 86.4% of all the lesions that have caused milk cows lameness. Five most common lesions are: wearing out of the sole, sole ulcer, destruction of the hoofs, interdigital flegmona and interdigital hyperplasia. The joint ligaments and sinews are affected more than the bones, nerves and muscles, having the trauma as the main cause. Lameness is an important problem for th ...

SUBJECT: ganado de leche; trouble locomoteur/ zone climatique; control de enfermedades; vache; metodos de crianza

POSTED TO: Buletini i Shkencave Zooteknike e Veterinare (Albania)