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The University of Melbourne is a public research university located in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1853, it is Australia's second oldest university and the oldest in Victoria.

Male broiler chicks (Inghams) were reared to 5 days of age on a commercial starter ration and then fed a control diet or a diet containing 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50% of either chickpeas or mung beans up to 28 days of age. At the end of the feeding trial, a sample of birds from each group were sacrificed for carcass and visceral organ assessment. The chickpeas, mung beans and other ingredient grains ...

SUBJECT: growth; chicks; chickpea; feeding and feeds; mung bean


In a 10 day cross over design experiment, six Friesian cows, in late lactation, were fed either white clover or white clover plus maize silage on a 50:50 DM basis in metabolism cages from continuous feeders. Data for intake, digestibility, nitrogen balance, milk production and rumen pH, volatile fatty acids (VFA), ammonia, fluid flow rate, pool sizes and protozoa population were collected.Repl ...

SUBJECT: lactation; cattle; silage; feed utilization efficiency; corn


SUBJECT: leptosphaeria; rapeseed; diseases and pests; genetic aspects; australia


The aim of this thesis is to investigate the pre-farrowing behaviour of sows with access to space.In Chapter One I discuss the current knowledge of pre-farrowing behaviour in sows in relation to the concepts of motivation and animal welfare.Chapter Two investigated the expression of pre-farrowing behaviour in sows and gilts. The pigs were observed for four days prior to farrowing in a 6.5 x 7 ...

SUBJECT: swine farrowing facilities; spatial behavior in animals; housing; sows


SUBJECT: fiber in animal nutrition; legumes as feed; plant nutrients; sheep; feeding and feeds


Two studies were conducted, (1) to examine the distribution of spermatozoa in the boar's ejaculate in successive 30-second fractions of ejaculation, and (2) to identify and investigate the effects of sexual stimulation prior to semen collection on the number and temporal distribution of spermatozoa in the ejaculate.In experiment 1, five mature boars were housed individually and were trained to ...

SUBJECT: boars; spermatozoa; distribution; sexual behavior


SUBJECT: effect of weeds on; control; field crops; effect of herbicides on; victoria


Performance of contact farmers who participated in the Training and Visit system of agricultural extension in Bendel State, Nigeria, in 1990 was assessed.The data were collected by personal interview from 210 respondents (made up of 42 extension agents, 84 contact farmers and 84 non-contact farmers). The contact and non-contact farmers were selected by simple random sampling. All the extension ...

SUBJECT: farmers; performance surveys; nigeria


The effects of varying times of cropping on the physical and chemical properties of a Podzolic soil used mainly for paddy rice were studied. The different durations of cropping that had been given were 1, 3, 6, 15, 25, and 45 years. Properties of the soil that were measured were texture, bulk density, porosity, fast and slow drainage pores, saturated hydraulic conductivity, Atterberg limits, s ...

SUBJECT: crop yields; soils; effect of soil management on; effect of crop rotation on; indonesia


Coconut is the most widely grown plantation crop in Sri Lanka. Smallholders own more than 80 percent of the area under coconut production. For various reasons, coconut groves are often neglected and produce little income compared with other commercial crops such as tea, rubber, cocoa and pepper. It is widely recognized that productivity of such coconut lands can be improved by integrating othe ...

SUBJECT: coconut industry; rural development; small; accounting; farms