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The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) under the Ministry of Agriculture is at the apex of the national agricultural research system (NARS). It has the responsibility to strengthen the national agricultural research capability through planning and integration of resources. It is the umbrella under which the entire Bangladesh agricultural research effort is coordinated. This involved cooperative activities in several ministries of government: Agriculture, Forest and Environment, Fisheries and Livestock, Rural Development, Education, [...]

A community Forestry Project was initiated in 1980 in the Protected Forest land at Pomra in the district of Chittagong. So far, 126 landless families have been rehabilitated in 24 groups in the project area by allotting 1.62 ha of denuded hills to each family. Most of the families took loans from the Bangladesh Krishi Bank for procuring inputs with the help of the Forest Department to amounts ...

SUBJECT: enquete; sociologia economica; sociologie economique; ciencias forestales; encuestas

POSTED TO: Bano Biggyan Patrika (Bangladesh) [0254-4539]

This paper attempts to account for one of Bangladesh's chronic problems: landlessness. It shows that not only the land tenancy system and natural calamities but also increasing mechanisation and irrigation as well as use of high irrigation varieties have together contributed to this problem. The paper ends with a schematic model designed to show the steps of transformation of small farmers to ...

SUBJECT: tenencia indirecta; desastres naturales; catastrophe naturelle; mecanizacion; fermage

POSTED TO: ADAB (Bangladesh)

Reasons for including sulphur in the fertilizer recommendations are stated as follows: (i) sulphur is needed by most plants in quantities almost equal to phosphorus (ii) Efficient yield increases from N, P and K fertilizers will not be obtained if sulphur is deficient. (iii) Sulphur deficiency is widespread in Bangladesh. (iv) Sulphur improves crop quality. (v) Sulphur application is profitable.

SUBJECT: soufre; fertilisation; aplicacion de fertilizantes; azufre; bangladesh

Agroforestry in Bangladesh

Haque, M. Abdul [1988]

Bangladesh with its total area of 14.4 million hectares, in which there are 8.64 million hectares of cultivated land and about 2 million hectares of forest land, accommodates more than 100 million people, 36 million livestock and 73 million poultry birds. The density of human population in 706/km(2) and the per capita cultivated and forest lands are 0.086 and 0.020 hectares respectively. The t ...

SUBJECT: ciencias forestales; agroforesteria; agroforesterie; foresterie; bangladesh

Jackfruit, Mango, Raintree, Bamboo, Betelnut, Babla, Karai, Blackberry, Shimul, Tamarind, Coconut etc. are the existing trees in homestead area with traditional management practices. Less fruit bearing is the common problems. Farmers grow lemon, Guava, Jujubi and Papaya also, Amaranthus, Bittergroud, Eggplant and Root crops are the major vegetables grown in homestead, Coconut, Dateplam, Beteln ...

SUBJECT: systeme d'exploitation agricole; agroforesteria; jardin familial; agroforesterie; bangladesh

SUBJECT: loans; credito; bangladesh; credit; prets

POSTED TO: Bank Parikrama (Bangladesh)

This paper closely examines the objectives of the country's agricultural programmes focusing on the Second Five Year Plan of the Government of Bangladesh. The analysis of the plan reveals that the rice-bias not only failed to benefit the country, but also acted as an impediment to the fulfillment of the cherished goals. The paper has asked for a reconciliation between the production of rice an ...

SUBJECT: production vegetale; arroz; riz; produccion vegetal; bangladesh

POSTED TO: ADAB News (Bangladesh)

SUBJECT: loans; rural development; credito; bangladesh; credit

POSTED TO: Bank Parikrama (Bangladesh)

SUBJECT: agroforesteria; jardin familial; domestic gardens; agroforesterie; produccion forestal