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The National Library Service of Belize was founded in 1825. It is the legal deposit repository for Belize. The Library is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of ten members, eight of which are appointed by the Minister of Education to represent a cross-section of Belizean society. (Wikipedia).

Research in Belize, directed towards the export crops - sugarcane, citrus and bananas and those for import substitution - rice, corn [Zea mays], beans [Phaseolus vulgaris] and soybeans, is conducted chiefly by Ministry of Agriculture, Belize Sugar Industries, Citrus Growers' Association and Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI). The Ministry Central Farm station con ...

SUBJECT: betail; instituciones de investigacion/ cana de azucar; ganado; banano; belize

An environmentally adapted cow herd that can produce both milk and meat efficiently under local conditions is one solution to the growing demand for low cost beef and other animal products in Belize. 4 important considerations are: production of good quality beef that can compete on the U.S. market; increased beef/milk production from land unsuited to cultivation and efficient use of abundant, ...

SUBJECT: ganado de leche; lait; ganado de carne; bovin de boucherie; mejoramiento animal/ produccion de carne

The morphology, aggressive behaviour, damage and spread of the Africanized honeybee is discussed. The disadvantages of the entry of the bee into Belize is described and a programme in bee management is outlined

SUBJECT: belize; apis mellifera; abeille domestique; abeja melifera; belice

Describes pest problems of crops at the various stages of development: a) storage - losses are due to fungi, insects and moulds and can average from 10-100 %; b) seedlings - fungi, insects and other organisms damage seeds in the soil and attack small plants; c) foliage - ants, caterpillars, beetles, sucking insects, fungi, bacteria and viruses cause discolouration, leaf spot, wilts, blights an ...

SUBJECT: control de plagas/ plagas de productos almacenados; bacteria; lutte anti-parasite/ ravageur des denrees entreposees; bacterie; virus

The paper reports on results of herbicide usage in the citrus orchards in Stann Creek Valley, and outlines a programme for the grower. Recommended treatments included applications of gramaxone/karmex and Roundup

SUBJECT: lutte chimique; frutas citricas; agrume; belize; herbicide

The project was initiated to develop economic rations for animals, utilizing local ingredients to the fullest extent, and to make the information available to farmers. From over 100 broiler rations, 7 have been selected for commercial production. 4 grower/finisher rations for swine have been selected for further field testing, from the 50 tested to date. Ingredients used in the formulation of ...

SUBJECT: aliment pour animaux/ formulation; porcin; ration; poulet de chair; belize

12 steers were run on 9.84 acres pasture consisting of Pangola, Nunback Buffel, Carib and Para grasses for a period of 539 days. A total of 4,774 lbs. fertilizer was applied to the pasture, representing urea at 400 lbs. per acre, 10-30-10 at 50 lbs. per acre, and 13-13-21 at 25 lbs. per acre. Pastures were bushhogged and steers supplied with both mineral salt and some urea-molasses supplement. ...

SUBJECT: gestion de l'exploitation agricole; paturage; engorde; buey; pastoreo

Sugar cane weed control in Belize, in general, is carried out as late as post-emergence using manual, mechanical or chemical methods; hand weeding is mainly used in hand cleared lands. This allowance of weed competition reduces yields by at least 20 %

SUBJECT: malezas; mauvaise herbe; belize/ desherbage; belice/ escarda; canne a sucre

Animal health and you

Silva, B. [1975]

The basic organization and goals of the veterinary services are outlined. The need for farmers to vaccinate their cattle stock against black leg disease and to make regular deworming a part of the general management of their livestock is emphasized in view of the benefits to be achieved. The author suggests that every effort be made to keep out of the country those diseases that are a grave da ...

SUBJECT: sante animale; sanidad animal; belize; servicios veterinarios; service veterinaire

Pesticides are generally non-specific affecting non-target organisms. Repeated use or overuse causes a buildup of resistance in pests and destruction of natural enemies leading to resurgence of the pest and/or elevation of non-economic species to pest status. Preventative measures relating to the above should include the proper timing and selective use of pesticides, cultural control, proper f ...

SUBJECT: resistance aux produits chimiques; toxicite; toxicidad; pesticide/ organisme nuisible aux animaux; enemigos naturales