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Propiciar el desarrollo científico tecnológico de sistemas integrales de Ingeniería Agrícola que viabilicen la implementación armónica de tecnologías de riego y drenaje, mecanización, energía, postcosecha, conservación ambiental y construcciones rurales sobre la base del uso sostenible de los recursos naturales, para contribuir a la seguridad alimentaria del país.

One of the problems in our agriculture at the present time is the lack of upgrade of the indexes of consumption of fuel for the different agricultural works, of there the necessity on the part of the agricultural entities of the Ministry of the Agriculture to upgrade the same ones under the real conditions of production. For that arouses the necessity of the realization of a research related w ...

SUBJECT: soil farming; indicators of operation.; indicadores de explotación.; agricultural work; labores agrícolas

POSTED TO: Revista Ingeniería Agrícola [2227-8761]

Artificial neural networks in the reference evapotranspiration estimation

Méndez-Jocik, Alberto A. et al. [artificialintelligence.]

Artificial neural networks (ANN) is a powerful modeling tool based on the principles of artificial intelligence suitable for the analysis of complex ecosystems which combined with remote sensing techniques can provide answers where mathematical and physical equations lose their scope. In this first analysis, seven variables were included, surface temperature and emissivity as radiometric produ ...

SUBJECT: riego; inteligencia artificial.; modelación; modeling irrigation; artificial intelligence.

POSTED TO: Revista Ingeniería Agrícola [2227-8761]

Adaptation of water extraction levels in Güira de Melena municipality

Cisneros-Zayas, Enrique et al. [consumptionindex.]

The Güira de Melena municipality is located on a coastal aquifer where in the last years the saltwater intrusion has been intensified among other causes, for the over exploitation wells for irrigation. The present work has as objective to show that starting from a correct adaptation of the equipment pumping in three municipality zone; decrease the flows extract of the aquifer, minimizing the s ...

SUBJECT: flow rate extraction; equipos de bombeo; caudales extraídos; índice de consumo.; acuífero

POSTED TO: Revista Ingeniería Agrícola [2227-8761]

Soil tillage induced soil´s compactation, reduce soil porosity, increase bulk density and as consequences, reduced soil´s infiltration capacity. In order to study the effect of two soil´s tillage methods in soil´s infiltration capacity, was carry out this work in a ferralitic red soil on the Agricultural Engineering Research Institute Experimental Station where there is under trials two tillag ...

SUBJECT: infiltration capacity; capacidad de infiltración; kostiakov´s equation; densidad aparente; soil bulk density

POSTED TO: Revista Ingeniería Agrícola [2227-8761]

The research was carried out in Ceballos Agroindustrial Enterprise of Ciego de Ávila. Different models of drippers were studied with the objective of evaluating self - compensating and non - compensating emitters in microirrigation systems in Ciego of Avila. In the mechanical and hydraulic evaluation of the emitters, the pressure-flow rate curve was experimentally determined for the models eva ...

SUBJECT: curva; temperature.; presión; temperatura.; curve

POSTED TO: Revista Ingeniería Agrícola [2227-8761]

A research directed to improve the regulation of the different mechanisms of rice combine harvesters, in order to diminishing the grain losses, are carried out in the Agricultural Mechanization Center (CEMA) of the Agrarian University of Havana. As previous step to these studies, it became necessary to characterize the grain losses under production conditions. The experimental investigations w ...

SUBJECT: reel.; molinete.; grain harvesting; cosecha de granos

POSTED TO: Revista Ingeniería Agrícola [2227-8761]

Determination of the factors that change the energy consumption for irrigation with Pivot electric power machines, was carried out in the “Valle del Yabú” Agricultural Company. By using as a case study a Western brand irrigation machine, with four towers and a irrigated area of 18.2 ha, hydropower of 1.35 L/s/ha, flow rate of 23.45 L/s and an efficiency of 85% according to the manufacturer. Th ...

SUBJECT: spray.; uniformity coefficient; energy; hydromodule; hidromódulo

POSTED TO: Revista Ingeniería Agrícola [2227-8761]

Massive and Open Online Courses (MOOCs), arise in response to the demand for knowledge of a technologically advanced society. The phenomenon of MOOCs has gained momentum at internationally prestigious universities such as Stanford, Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Cuba is not far from the new challenges of university education. Recently, the Ministry of Higher Educa ...

SUBJECT: mooc; long distance education.; massive open online course; educación a distancia.; cursos en línea masivos y abiertos

POSTED TO: Revista Ingeniería Agrícola [2227-8761]

The company AGROFORESTAL UUMBAL CHIAPAS, SAPI DE CV (UUMBAL) asked the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA) to carry out an investigation on the variation of the water table and the influence of the tides in the Polvoxal Ranch, located in the State of Campeche, Mexico. For this research study, the following actions were carried out: i) eleven observation wells and three wells (X, Y, Z) ...

SUBJECT: drenaje superficial.; observation well; isobath plane; chain pump; isohypsa plane

POSTED TO: Revista Ingeniería Agrícola [2227-8761]

Mucuna pruriens (L.) D.C.) (Pica-pica) is a weed that has increased in the sugarcane plantations of Cuba, belongs to the class Magnoliatae, family Fabaceae, genus Mucuna. Due to its morphological characteristics and stinging power, it creates difficulties for mechanization and handly harvest, inducing additional payments for manual cutting and a negative environmental impact, due to the burnin ...

SUBJECT: frecuencia de aparición; integrated management of weeds.; mucuna pruriens (l.) d.c.) (pica-pica); manejo integrado de arvenses.; appearing frequency

POSTED TO: Revista Ingeniería Agrícola [2227-8761]