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The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) is a national, integrative agricultural scientific research organization with responsibility for carrying out both basic and applied research, as well as research into new technologies impacting agriculture. CAAS is dedicated to overcoming a broad range of challenges impacting agricultural development and support of the local rural economy. Importantly, CAAS promotes sustainable agriculture within and outside China, extending its reach through technology exchange and cooperative research agree [...]

Episomus kwanhsiensis is an important pest recently found in mulberry tree in Sichuan. It is observed that the adults feed on mulberry leaves and the larvae damage the root, which often cause mulberry yields decrease, even die-off. This pest (adults or larvae) overwinter underground. The pest, generating once or twice per year, appears from April to May and/or from August to September. The fem ...

SUBJECT: methode de lutte anti-parasite; plaguicidas; sichuan/ insectos daninos; morus alba; cycle de developpement

POSTED TO: Acta Sericologica Sinica (China) [0257-4977]

SUBJECT: differentiation; bourgeon; pollen; differenciation; polen

POSTED TO: Journal of Hunan Agricultural College (China) [1000-5021]

SUBJECT: distribution naturelle; ningxia (hui)/ sols; caracteristicas agronomicas; rain; ningxia (hui)/ suelos

POSTED TO: Ningxia Journal of Agroforestry Science and Technology (China)

SUBJECT: toxicity; experimentos; esporas; experiments; cultivos

POSTED TO: Plant Protection (China) [1000-6451]

SUBJECT: liaoning/ growth; engrais vert; liaoning/ croissance; sol caillouteux; variete

POSTED TO: Grassland of China (China) [1000-6311]

SUBJECT: meiosis; pollen; esporas; chromosomes; chromosome

POSTED TO: Grassland of China (China) [1000-6311]

SUBJECT: distribution naturelle; predators; hubei/ anatomia animal; enemigos naturales; ennemi naturel

POSTED TO: Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University (China) [1000-2421]

The ecological structure of nine stand in Xiaolong Mountains and Qilian Mountains were investigated to determine the species diversity and the dissimilarity value. The differences between the two vegetation types as well as the varietal population of each type were expressed by using ordination method. The purpose of this study was to supply some theoretical basis for drawing up the forest man ...

SUBJECT: distribution naturelle; ecosysteme; populus; condition de milieu; ecosistema

POSTED TO: Journal of Gansu Agricultural University (China)

The experiment with 3 M-lines and 2 R-lines of sorghum indicated that the duration from sowing to flowering beginning was 82.5 plus or minus 3.59 days, but it got shorter as the sowing time was delayed and it varied significantly with varieties. The duration of flowering among ears was not significantly different, and averaged 7.8 plus or minus 0.72 days. The number of flowering ears reached m ...

SUBJECT: temperatura del medio ambiente; parent; temperature ambiante; floraison; padres

POSTED TO: Liaoning Agricultural Sciences (China)

SUBJECT: resistance aux maladies; yield increase/ potting; augmentation de rendement/ empotage; stade de developpement vegetal; resistencia a la enfermedad

POSTED TO: Shaanxi Journal of Agricultural Science (China)