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Journal of Integrative Agriculture (JIA), formerly Agricultural Sciences in China (ASC), founded in 2002, is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and the Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies (CAASS), and superintended by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China. JIA is a peer-reviewed and multi-disciplinary international journal and published monthly in English. JIA Editorial Board consists of 275 well-respected scholars of agricultural scientific fields. Prof. TANG H [...]

To further research the regulatory network of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase (designated as TaPDK) in physiological male-sterility (PHYMS) of wheat induced by chemical hybridizing agent (CHA) SQ-1, an anther cDNA library was constructed, and the proteins interacting with TaPDK were screened via yeast two-hybrid technique. Subsequently, a few candidate proteins in nucleotide expression levels we ...

SUBJECT: wheat (triticum aestivum l.) chemical hybridizing agent pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase yeast two-hybrid pollen abortion

POSTED TO: Journal of Integrative Agriculture [2095-3119]

Protein and starch are the most important traits in determining processing quality in wheat. In order to understand the genetic basis of the influence of Waxy protein (Wx) and high molecular weight gluten subunit (HMW-GS) on processing quality, 256 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) derived from the cross of waxy wheat Nuomai 1 and Gaocheng 8901 were used as mapping population. DArT (diversity ar ...

SUBJECT: bread wheat ril population genetic map mixograph qtl

POSTED TO: Journal of Integrative Agriculture [2095-3119]

Molecular Cloning and Characterization of a Novel Gene Involved in Fatty Acid Synthesis in Brassica napus L.

XIAO Gang, ZHANG Zhen-qian, LIU Rui-yang, YIN Chang-fa, WU Xian-meng [2013-06-01]

Based on the sequence of a novel expressed sequence tag (EST), the full-length cDNA of 1 017 nucleotides was cloned from Brassica napus cv. Xiangyou 15 through rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE). The gene was designated as Bnhol34 (HQ585980), encoding a protein of 338 amino acids. BLAST analysis showed no high degree of sequence identity to any known gene. The calculated molecular weight ...

SUBJECT: brassca napus l. rapid amplification of cdna ends high-efficient thermal asymmetric interlaced pcr fatty acid synthesis abscisic acid expression

POSTED TO: Journal of Integrative Agriculture [2095-3119]

Statistic Analysis on Quantitative Characteristics for Developing the DUS Test Guideline of Ranunculus asiaticus L.

LIU Yan-fang, ZHANG Jian-hua, L Bo, YANG Xiao-hong, LI Yan-gang, WANG Ye, WANGJiang-min , ZHANG Hui, [2013-06-01]

Selection of quantitative characteristics, division of their expression ranges, and selection of example varieties are key issues on developing DUS Test Guidelines, which are more crucial for quantitative characteristics since their expressions vary in different degrees. Taking the development of DUS Test Guideline of Ranunculus asiaticus L. as an example, this paper applied statistic-based ap ...

SUBJECT: dus test guideline quantitative characteristic statistic analysis expression range of characteristic example variety

POSTED TO: Journal of Integrative Agriculture [2095-3119]

Effects of Increased Night Temperature on Cellulose Synthesis and the Activity of Sucrose Metabolism Enzymes in Cotton Fiber

TIAN Jing-shan, HU Yuan-yuan, GAN Xiu-xia, ZHANG Ya-li, HU Xiao-bing, GOU Ling [2013-06-01]

Temperature is one of the key factors that influence cotton fiber synthesis at the late growth stage of cotton. In this paper, using two early-maturing cotton varieties as experimental materials, night temperature increase was stimulated in the field using far-infrared quartz tubes set in semi-mobile incubators and compared with the normal night temperatures (control) in order to investigate t ...

SUBJECT: cotton fiber night temperature sucrose metabolism enzyme activity

POSTED TO: Journal of Integrative Agriculture [2095-3119]

Effects of Root Pruning on Non-Hydraulic Root-Sourced Signal, Drought Tolerance and Water Use Efficiency of Winter Wheat

MA Shou-chen, LI Feng-min, YANG Shen-jiao, LI Chun-xi, XU Bing-cheng [2013-06-01]

Two pot experiments were conducted to study the effects of root pruning at the stem elongation stage on non-hydraulic root-sourced signals (nHRS), drought tolerance and water use efficiency of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum). The root pruning significantly reduced the root weight of wheat, but had no effect on root/shoot ratio at the two tested stages. At booting stage, specific root respirat ...

SUBJECT: winter wheat root pruning non-hydraulic root-sourced signal (nhrs) root activity drought tolerance

POSTED TO: Journal of Integrative Agriculture [2095-3119]

N fertilization of 300 kg N ha-1 is normally applied to cotton crops in three splits: pre-plant application (PPA, 30%), first bloom application (FBA, 40%) and peak bloom application (PBA, 30%) in the Yangtze River Valley China. However, low fertilizer N plant recovery (NPR) (30-35%) causes problems such as cotton yield stagnation even in higher N rate, low profit margin of cotton production an ...

SUBJECT: cotton fertilizer n split application npr (fertilizer n plant recovery)

POSTED TO: Journal of Integrative Agriculture [2095-3119]

The potato minitubers have been widely used for the elite seed propagation to improve the seed potato system in China. However, little information is available for an efficient production of the minitubers with high plant density in the protected growing conditions like plastic houses. In present research, the minitubers of a wide-grown potato variety, Favorita, were produced with the microtub ...

SUBJECT: potato minituber microtuber tip-cutting plant density

POSTED TO: Journal of Integrative Agriculture [2095-3119]

Genetics and Molecular Mapping of a High-Temperature Resistance Gene to Stripe Rust in Seeding-Stage in Winter Wheat Cultivar Lantian

MA Dong-fang, JING Jin-xue, HOU Dong-yuan, LI Qiang, ZHOU Xin-li, DU Jiu-yuan [2013-06-01]

Stripe rust, caused by Puccinia striiformis Westend. f. sp. tritici (Pst), is a severe foliar disease of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in the world. Resistance is the best approach to control the disease. The winter wheat cultivar Lantian 1 has high-temperature resistance to stripe rust. To determing the gene(s) for the stripe rust resistance, Lantian 1 was crossed with Mingxian 169 (M16 ...

SUBJECT: puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici high-temperature resistance genetic analysis molecular mapping

POSTED TO: Journal of Integrative Agriculture [2095-3119]

Isolation and Structural Speculation of Herbicide-Active Compounds from the Metabolites of Pythium aphanidermatum

ZHANG Li-hui, ZHANG Jin-lin, LIU Ying-chao, CAO Zhi-yan, HAN Jian-min, YANG Juan [2013-06-01]

Natural herbicides, or environment-friendly bioherbicides have been attracted more and more attentions. Isolation and structural identification of natural herbicide-active compounds from plant pathogens has been proved to be an effective approach for novel lead discovery of the pesticide development. In this study, the metabolites of the mutant strain PAM1, which obtained from PA1 of Pythium a ...

SUBJECT: herbicidal principles compounds p. aphanidermatum

POSTED TO: Journal of Integrative Agriculture [2095-3119]