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La biblioteca científica – SciELO Colombia, es una biblioteca electrónica que incluye, una colección seleccionada de revistas científicas Colombiana, en todas las áreas del conocimiento.

Two Brachiaria genotypes (Brachiaria decumbens, considered as better adapted and Brachiaria ruziziensis, considered as less adapted) and 8 progenies from the cross of these two (H-7, H-40, H-28 and H-58 more adapted; H-190, H-94, H-82 and H-179 less adapted) were evaluated during 6 weeks to detect differences in shoot and root attributes when grown in an acid soil from Matazul, Meta, Colombia. ...

SUBJECT: híbridos; b. ruziziensis; absorción de fósforo; hybrids; b. decumbens

POSTED TO: Acta Agronómica [0120-2812]

Combining ability analysis for grain yield and its components was carried out in eight parental diallel crosses of bold grained rice excluding reciprocals. The general combining ability (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA) effects were significant for all the characters indicating the importance of both additive and non-additive gene effects in their inheritance. The parents Ranjit follo ...

SUBJECT: yield; yield component; general combining ability; bold grained rice

POSTED TO: Acta Agronómica [0120-2812]

The S1 population of the Thai variety MTAi8 (AM320), which shows patterns of segregation defined by the content of total carotenes (beta-carotene), underwent an analysis of segregating bulk (BSA = Bulk segregating Analysis) using 700 molecular markers type microsatellites or SSR. There were generated 25 tying groups and identifying 3 major QTLs associated with a region of the genome of cassava ...

SUBJECT: ssr; ssr-microsatellites; caroteno; qtl; carotene

POSTED TO: Acta Agronómica [0120-2812]

100 accessions from Capsicum gene Bank of the National University of Colombia at Palmiras campus, under field conditions of the experimental station at Candelaria, Cauca Valley were studied. In a design of incomplete blocks 10 x 10 with three repetitions, quantitative descriptions were evaluated. The characteristics were related with yield, capsaicin content and virus presence.The agronomic ev ...

SUBJECT: chili; producción; capsaicina; ají; pepper

POSTED TO: Acta Agronómica [0120-2812]

The main objective of this research was to carried out the comparison of three culture medium of major use for in vitro regeneration of tomato, to select the more appropriate medium for in vitro regeneration of tomato, variety UNAPAL-Arreboles. The analysis of variance and media comparison was made based on the callus, shoots and plantlets production. The highest efficiency of callus, shoots a ...

SUBJECT: organogénesis; culture in vitro; regeneración in vitro; tomate; solanum lycopersicon

POSTED TO: Acta Agronómica [0120-2812]

To evaluate the impact of different land use systems for long periods of time on soil structural properties, a sampling to 0-20 cm of depth was carried in the following treatments: Forest 25% slope (control), pasture crops for 25 years with 25% slope and use agricultural wheat-corn (rw-c) of 25, 45 and 70 years of use, each one of these last, with 12% and 25% slope, in a Inceptisol (Dystric ha ...

SUBJECT: dystric haplusteps; agregado; porosity; wheat; trigo

POSTED TO: Acta Agronómica [0120-2812]

With the vinasse application, a residue from the production of fuel ethanol from sugarcane, the effect on the activity of soil microbial biomass an the supply of K+ to crop sweet corn (Zea Mays) in two soils of the Cauca Valley, Colombia were evaluated: Entic Dystropept and Fluventic Haplustoll . Was used a completely randomized design with four replications and five treatments: T1 (100% requi ...

SUBJECT: biomasa microbiana; metabolic quotient; mollisol; inceptisol; microbial biomass

POSTED TO: Acta Agronómica [0120-2812]

The ant fauna associated to the butterflies rearing in the departments of Cauca Valley and Quindio (Colombia) was studied. The ants were collected using manual capture method in three different environments (butterfly garden, nursery and laboratory). 779 ants were extracted from 125 samples, which belonged to five sub-families, 18 genera and 24 species. The greatest number of species were regi ...

SUBJECT: wasmannia auropunctata; camponotus novogranadensis; hormigas vagabundas; paratrechina longicornis; monomorium floricola

POSTED TO: Acta Agronómica [0120-2812]

In the Tropical Piscicultural Institute of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Buga, Cauca, Valley, Colombia (25ºC temperature, 969 m a s l,) a research was carried out with the objective to produce and use algaes and rotifers (living food) cultures to feed bocachico post-larvas (Prochilodus reticulatus magdalenae). A complete random design with three treatments and three repetitions was es ...

SUBJECT: nutritional enrichement; prochilodus reticulatus magdalenae; prochilodus reticulates magdalenae; levadura; enriquecimiento nutricional

POSTED TO: Acta Agronómica [0120-2812]

A plant transformation methodology was selected and evaluated to incorporate the cry1Ab gene by Agrobacterium-mediate genetic transformation into tomato variety UNAPAL-Arreboles for resistance to budworm (Tuta absoluta). A total of 59 transgenic plants were regenerated from 3.200 explants (1.84%). Histochemical gus assay and molecular analysis of three independent events To28, To33 and To47 an ...

SUBJECT: agrobacterium; bacillus thuringiensis; plant genetic transformation; budworm; cogollero

POSTED TO: Acta Agronómica [0120-2812]