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En La Resolución No.608/2008 de fecha 4 de diciembre, emitida por el Ministro de la Agricultura, transforma el Instituto de Investigaciones del Arroz a Instituto de Investigaciones de Granos y La Resolución No. 303 de fecha 17 de abril del 2010, emitida por el propio Ministro, designa al MSc. Telce A. González Morera como Director General del Instituto de Investigaciones de Granos.

The sorghum rice cropping systems have demostrated many benefic to the main crop. In rice weed control is very important to obtain high yield and a reason to evaluate the influence of this technology on the reduction of weed population in the rice field by planting sorghum during the dry season and rice on the wet. The sorghum stand and the influence of the incorporation of the harvest rest on ...

SUBJECT: escarda; oryza sativa; weed control; sorghum bicolor; desherbage

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana del Arroz [1607-6273]

In the Estación Experimental del Arroz 'Los Palacios', from Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Agricolas (INCA), during 1999 to 2001, the present work was conducted with a randomized complete block design with four repetitions, where two new agroecological practices were tested of an alternative solution to the red rice chemical control. Using the sunflower_rice annual rotation for both practices. ...

SUBJECT: oryza sativa; crop rotation; rotation culturale; helianthus annuus; rotacion de cultivos

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana del Arroz [1607-6273]

The present work was guided to the search of information related with the degradation processes that take place in a soil when the rotation rice - livestock is practiced. The results were taken from the developed chemical analyses for conforming the Fertility Records during the period 1982-1999 at Managerial Unit of Agricultural Base 'Caribe' from Rice Agroindustrial Complex 'Los Palacios', wh ...

SUBJECT: sol; betail; ganado; crop rotation; livestock

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana del Arroz [1607-6273]

The present work was carried out to assess the impact of upgrading in the popular production of rice in two regions of the Cuban eastern part, Holguín. Calixto García and Banes were the municipalities were the project was developed, specifically at the Agriculture Cooperative 'Guillermón Moncada' and the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production 'Rigoberto Blanco' respectively. The starting point w ...

SUBJECT: agricultura de bajo insumo; low input agriculture; capacitacion agricola; riz aquatique; formation agricole

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana del Arroz [1607-6273]


Acebo, Y, Facultad de Biología. Universidad de la Habana et al. [2008]

Rice is one of the main cereals worldwide, the utilization of chemical fertilizers is harmful for the environment and their prices are always rising. Thus, all the international researches have been directed to develop sustainable strategies to improve rice yield, such as the application of rhizobacteria-based biofertilizers. In the present study, native rhizobacterial strains were isolated fr ...

SUBJECT: arroz; rhizobacteria; riz; sideroforos; rice

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana del Arroz [1607-6273]

Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) have been used in several crops to increase plant yield. This study is aimed to characterise chromatographically and biologically a bioproduct obtained from and autochthonous Cuban Burkholderia sp. strain and to evaluate its application to maize and rice crops. The bioproduct was integrally characterised through colorimetric and chromatographic methods, u ...

SUBJECT: arroz; pseudomonas cepacia; riz; maiz; rice

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana del Arroz [1607-6273]


Cruz, A, Estación Experimental de Arroz 'Los Palacios', Carretera La Francia, Km 1½, Los Palacios, Pinar del Río et al. [oct2008]

Rice is a basic food for more than a half of the world population. Rice sheath rot is one of the main diseases that affect this crop in Cuba, and it is caused by the fungus Sarocladium oryzae, which may provoke losses since 2 t/ha. The rice sterility is closely related with S. oryzae metabolites, so in this work they were used for discriminating rice genotypes resistance in several development ...

SUBJECT: metabolite; oryza sativa; metabolitos; sarocladium; metabolites

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana del Arroz [1607-6273]


Alfonso, R, Instituto de Investigaciones del Arroz et al. [oct.2008]

As a result of the work that we came carrying out from 1989 in the searching of new rice varieties Which has good performance to low nitrogen fertilizer and moderate resistance to the hydric stress condition. Its was obtained the rice variety IACuba 34 from the crossing carried out in 1995 among the varieties Colombia 1///ECIA 67-140-S1-1-5-31(4024)//IR1857-78-1/CP3C2 and after 6 years of yiel ...

SUBJECT: oryza sativa; foods; produit alimentaire; aplicacion de abonos; coccion

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana del Arroz [1607-6273]

Since 1996, it was stimulated in Cuba rice production known as Popular Rice (Non Specialized Rice), that is carried out in low scale and with a minimum of external inputs by independent and cooperatives agricultures and that in present is the most part of rice produced. In these conditions it is necessary to search for alternative nutrient sources in order to increase this kind of production b ...

SUBJECT: varieties; oryza sativa; variedades; variete; fijacion del nitrogeno

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana del Arroz [1607-6273]

The grain vain dew to the incidente of Steneotarsonemus spinki is still a fitosanitary problem for Centroamerica countries recently was informed in the United States of America and in Mexico. This tarsonemide is expecific of O.sativa except for the Popular Republic of China that it was found how alternative host in Eleusine indica (L) Gaertn, Imperata cylindrica, Leersia hexandra y Paspalum sp ...

SUBJECT: poaceae; oryza sativa; acarus; plante hote; acaro

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana del Arroz [1607-6273]