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Contribuir c a satisfacer las necesidades de alimentos de la población a partir de proveer de una base técnica actualizada la producción avícola nacional, teniendo en cuenta los problemas ambientales que de esta se derivan, mediante la generación y transmisión de nuevas tecnologías en las vertientes de salud, nutrición, genética y sistemas de crianza avícolas, prestar servicios científicos, técnicos y docentes y brindar asesorías.

The beddings of rice and coffee hull were used during two consecutive rearing for evaluating the effect of the type of bedding and the rearing number on productive indices and body damages in broilers. An analysis of variance was performed according to a completely randomized design with 2 treatments. In the first rearing, the type of bedding had no effect on liveweight (1684 y 1695 g/bird) fo ...

SUBJECT: chickens; lesiones; camas,lesiones corporales; poulet; lesions

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana de Ciencia Avícola [0138-6352]

A study of the sanitary quality of 2668 eggs for human consumption coming from poultry units was carried out during 4 years. The eggs were sent to the Department of Bacteriology of the Laboratory of Poultry Research and Diagnose of the Province Matanzas. The analysis was carried out by means of the methodology established by the National Laboratory of Food Hygiene of the Ministry of Public Hea ...

SUBJECT: salmonelosis; foods; avicultura; salmonellosis; produit alimentaire

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana de Ciencia Avícola [0138-6352]

It describe the clinical and lesional cadre which be present with the use of high dosis of Cipermetrine and they tormed four groups with eleven hens each which they applied the following treatmenst: T1 (Cipermetrine 2.5%, maximal dosis recomended by the fabricant and double of which is used in production); T2 (Cipermetrine 4% 1.6 times the maximal dosis); T3 (Cipermetrine 5% two times the maxi ...

SUBJECT: lesiones; hens; pathology; lesions; gallinas

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana de Ciencia Avícola [0138-6352]

It was carried out a monitoreo serológico by means of the test ELISA in a group of birds without vaccinating to carry out a study of the dynamics of the passive antibodies against the virus of Gumboro, that is to say to evaluate like it descends those antibodies and to calculate the half life of these. They were carried out 11 samplings every 3 days to 33 chickens of the race light line servan ...

SUBJECT: enfermedad de gumboro; anticorps; maladie de gumboro; experimentation; inmunologia

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana de Ciencia Avícola [0138-6352]

One hundred thirty three pigeons belonging to four owners were sampled in order to determined the presence of Trichomona gallinae (Rivolta, 1878) in young and adult birds. Oral swabs were obtained from these birds by the adition of 2 ml of sterile saline solution to be observed by the microscope. 28 birds from all of the research anes were found positive to Trichomona gallinae (Rivolta, 1878), ...

SUBJECT: pigeon; paloma; parasite; trichomona gallinae, tricomonosis; parasitos

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana de Ciencia Avícola [0138-6352]

Poultry at present is based in preventive veterinary practice; however, the use of antibiotics is still necessary. This research studies the "in vitro" sensitivity of entero-bacteriums, based on the results of antibiograms performed to cases of young birds with colisepticaemia analyzed at the laboratory, and the evaluation of commercial products towards different antibiotics and doses facing E ...

SUBJECT: antibioticos; resistencia a productos quimicos; resistance aux produits chimiques; avicultura; aviculture

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana de Ciencia Avícola [0138-6352]

Approximately 80% of the antibodies generated by the hiperimmunization to the breeders is transferred to the descendant that protects it of infections early mmunosupresives if it is that these they are present in appropriate levels and unifirme. In this work we gave urselves to the task of studying now the passive antibodies against the virus of Gumboro descend and to calculate the half life o ...

SUBJECT: enfermedad de gumboro; anticorps; maladie de gumboro; vacunacion; poulet de chair

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana de Ciencia Avícola [0138-6352]

Effects of an antistress compound on liveweight and blood parameters from broiler chickens submitted to experimental stress

Koza, A.G., Cátedra de Fisiología,Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias et al. [2007]

Broiler chicken liveweight gain is affected by stress. The aim of present study was to verify the effects of an anti-stress compound which contain choleretic-cholagogue and lipotropic substances, on liveweight and blood parameters from experimentally stressed broiler chickens. Birds were crated in an inverted position, maneuver which was repeated every other day during all productive cycle (3 ...

SUBJECT: stress; poulet de chair; pollo de engorde; parámetros hemáticos; broiler chickens

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana de Ciencia Avícola [0138-6352]

Enzyme application in animal feeding: requirements and perspectives

AGUILAR, L., Departamentos de Bioquímica y Bioingeniería et al. [2007]

Among the newer technologies applied in animal feeding during the last decades, the introduction of enzymatic supplements in monogastric rations outstand. It involves the application of the hydrolytic enzymes, mainly from microbial origin, which act upon different components of the fed ration increasing their digestibility and nutrients and energy availability. As a result, that practice guara ...

SUBJECT: chickens; enzyme; alimentacion; poulet; enzimas

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana de Ciencia Avícola [0138-6352]

Eight experiments, four in summer(April-September) and four in winter (October-March) on the productive behavior of males and females of a Cuban hybrid for meat production were carried out in the period 2002-2003. 3840 and 3840 for a total of 7680 chicks were raised in the summer and winter seasons, respectively. The birds were raised under a 24-hours round light system at a rate of 80 heads ...

SUBJECT: production; produccion de carne; winter; rendement a l'abattage; hiver

POSTED TO: Revista Cubana de Ciencia Avícola [0138-6352]