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Centro de Investigaciones para el Mejoramiento Animal de la Ganadería Tropical (CIMAGT). Fue fundado en el año 1970 con el nombre de Centro de Investigación de la Reproducción Animal (CIRA), con el objetivo de crear un centro de Investigaciones para el desarrollo de la reproducción animal como soporte técnico del gigantesco programa de extensión de la inseminación artificial que en todas las especies que se venía desarrollando en todo el país.

In this review are analyzed some of the general characteristics of the leptin gene, as well as of the potential sites of action that turns it into a hormone needed to be known by specialists. The study of the leptin gene in bovines has increased during the last years with the development of molecular techniques. This is a 16-kDa hormone mainly originated in the adipose tissue that is secreted ...

SUBJECT: tissu adipeux; polimorfismo; genes; gene; hormone adipocinetique

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]

Scientific evidences are reviewed, on nutritional aspects that contribute to the utilization of sugarcane forage to livestock feeding in the dry season of the year. The feeding target is the leverage of nutrient balance, able to equalize livestock production as in the wet season. Reviewed aspects involve forage sugarcane varieties, voluntary feed intake and inclusion of other forages in the ra ...

SUBJECT: green feed; animal nutrition; nutricion animal; forraje verde; fourrage vert

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]

With the aim of knowing some of the characteristics that could be linked to the quality of the training, a survey was prepared to sheep and goat meat producers of the Eastern provinces. It consisted of 12 questions related to different personal aspects and of education of those polled. The research was of descriptive type. Genus composition was 3 women and 18 men and average age was 39.6 years ...

SUBJECT: agricultores; goats; agricultural training; agriculteur; ovinos

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]

Performance tests of buffaloes in Cuba

Suárez, M.A. et al. [2012]

SUBJECT: genetic parameters; parametre genetique; water buffaloes; comportement animal; genetic variation

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]

Twenty crossbred goats were used in a switchback design to evaluate the effect of supplementing Ficus auriculata forage on milk yield. Animals were randomly distributed in two groups according to the kidding date and number of lactation and they had access to natural pasture for 8 h daily, feed (12% CP) at a rate of 400 g daily/animal and Ficus auriculata forage (1.50 kg/animal/day) according ...

SUBJECT: ficus; chevre; green feed; cabra; rendement laitier

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]

The objective of this study was to know about the main factors affecting the persistency in buffalo females exploited under cattle production conditions, their correlation with productive characteristics of economical interest and repeatability. The persistency of milk yield of 782 Buffalypso females and their crossbreds with Carabao were studied through two measurements (P2:1 and P3:1). The e ...

SUBJECT: milk production; breeds (animals); cruzamiento; buffalypso; genetic parameters

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]

Some factors influencing on growth traits, puberty onset and productive potential of replacement heifers with special emphasis in double-purpose cattle rearing based on pastures under tropical climate, are reviewed. Puberty is the period when the female acquires the competence to show the sexual conduct and release the gametes. It involves the maturity and function of the hypothalamus-hypophys ...

SUBJECT: animal performance; ganado de leche; ganado de carne; animal nutrition; comportamiento reproductivo

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]

The study was carried out to assess the effectiveness of a copper sulfate solution for the control of gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep and goats. For the preparation of this experiment thirty females of each species were selected and divided in three groups (A: Levamisol; B: copper sulfate, C: control). The coprology analysis (flotation and egg count per gram) was carried out prior to the t ...

SUBJECT: enfermedades parasitarias; copper sulphate; oveja; nematoda; anthelmintics

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]

Thirty dairy units of the Livestock and Cattle Breeding Enterprise "Valle del Perú" were selected for analyzing the productive performance in the period of 2006-2008 with a multivariate approach. Fifteen quantitative variables were used. The analysis was based on a relative classification of the dairy units in function of total annual milk production (high, medium and low); therefore, three gr ...

SUBJECT: milk production; granjas lecheras; metodos estadisticos; methode statistique; dairy farms

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]

The present experiment was aimed at the improvement of some reproductive and blood indicators in heifers and dairy cows through the consumption of a mineral formula developed from the mineral deficiencies previously established. A formula based on dicalcium phosphate 50%, sodium chloride 27%, magnesium oxide 19.32%, copper sulfate 0.18 and a premix based on other trace minerals, was used. For ...

SUBJECT: ganado de leche; alimentacion; substance nutritive minerale; cows; alimentation

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]