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The Centre was first established in the Ministry of Finance and was later centralised and placed within the Ministry of Education under the Library and Information Service to contribute toward the improvement of the information infrastructure in Dominica. It was re-established as the National Documentation Centre and began operation from the Documentation Centre Building on March 15, 1990. The Centre contains documents on Economic Development, Social Development, Planning, Agriculture, Education, Tourism, Health, Sustainable Development, Trade [...]

The objective was to find clones of the edible aroids, chiefly tannia (Xanthosoma sagittifolium), with high levels of adaptability and tolerance to disease, particularly the tannia root rot disease. This was approached in 3 ways: 1) Clones from throughout the 5 islands were brought together for selection and maintenance in 5 germplasm collections. Three clones, 'Jabba', 'Toby' and 'Calaloo Tan ...

SUBJECT: fitomejoramiento; clones; hybride; resistance aux maladies/ selection; colocasia esculenta

Descriptions are given of the traditional uses of 67 species of grasses, herbs, shrubs, vines and trees, representing 46 families encountered in a survey of the Cabrits peninsula on the dry, leeward side of Dominica. The most frequent uses are in descending order: folk medicine, edible fruits, seeds and leaves, fuel, children's games, drinks, lumber, craft materials and animal fodder. Both lat ...

SUBJECT: dominique/ utilisation; madera aserrada; bois de chauffage; flora; foret

The ecology of the Cabrits peninsula, composed of 3 vegetation zones: dry scrub forest, marsh and coastal fringe, is described. The appearance and uses of dominant plant species from each zone are described with illustrations. Economically important trees of the dry forest include Lonchocarpus latifolius, Pimenta racemosa and Tabebuia pallida. Brief descriptions are given of some of the specie ...

SUBJECT: dominique/ utilisation; ecologie; ecologia; fauna; flora

Post harvest fungal corm rot of dasheen (Colocasia esculenta var. esculenta) is the most severe constraint affecting its storage and export. It is first manifested as an irregular pink tinge on the corm, initiated from natural wounds, which gradually becomes blackened with pycnidia. Two fungi, Pythium spp. and Botryodiplodia spp. have been isolated from diseased corms

SUBJECT: perdidas por almacenamiento; pythium; pourriture; cormus; podredumbres

The acylanaline-based fungicide, Metalaxyl, is active against Domycetes and used successfully against Pythium root-rot disease of tannia. Its continuous use induces resistant strains to foliar pathogens but no record of similar activity is shown for root/soil borne pathogens. The chemical shows acropetal activity when applied to the root zone, both upwards and downwards. It is more toxic orall ...

SUBJECT: fungicidas; dominique/ propriete physico-chimique; fongicide; toxicite; toxicidad

Project activities were in 4 subject areas: (a) genetic improvement (b) agronomic improvement (c) pathological studies and (d) post-harvest studies

SUBJECT: mycose; fitomejoramiento; etats associes des antilles/ production vegetale; enfermedades fungosas; estados asoc de las indias occid/ produccion vegetal

The following field experiments were undertaken to study the production systems of aroid and arrowroot in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, St. Lucia and Grenada: 1) intercropping of tannia with bananas and beans or plantains and melons, 2) comparison of two management systems for pure stand tannia, 3) comparison of different kinds of tannia planting material, 4) multiplication of plan ...

SUBJECT: sainte-lucie; analisis de tejidos; dominica; granada/ agronomia; san vicente

SUBJECT: caribe; prix; caricom; costos de produccion; precios