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Spanish journal of rural development (Internet) from 2009 to 2016. Spanish Journal of Rural Development (SJRD) era una revista, publicada por la Asociación Gallega de Investigadores para el Desarrollo Rural (AGAIDERU), con el objectivo de ser un forum de discusión que contribuyase a la mejora del conocimiento del mundo rural, centrado en su desarrollo sostenible. Era una revista multidisciplinar en la que tenian cabida trabajos centrados en temas forestales, agronómicos, medioambientales, de planeamiento rural, de cooperación internacional, soc [...]

When analyzing the structure of the ownership in a country, usually two forms of ownership are mentioned, the public and the private forest ownership. However, due to the cultural, historical and political meaning of ownership in each country, the reference to only the form of ownership is not informative enough to understanding forest-related practices in different countries. To enlight ...

SUBJECT: property rights; romania; forest management

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) of the European Commission considers water supply and sanitation on agricultural and forestry holdings as a part of water management policy. In this sense, this study analyses the current situation in Galicia, European Union, in terms of the management of wastes derived from dairying, and the attitudes of farmers toward this issue and government regula ...

SUBJECT: wastewater; farms; surveys; sustainability

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

The Spanish and Moroccan Pinsapo-fir forests have been recognized as areas of high biodiversity and endemism. Global Change, mainly throughout Land-use and Climate Changes can endanger this flora. It is necessary to know stand structure and biodiversity of these relict forests in order to apply conservation strategies. Several structural features, biodiversity and environmental variables ...

SUBJECT: abies pinsapo; biodiversity; land use

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

Altınbeşik Cavern National Park, where eco-tourism is very important, is located in the Western Taurus Mountains between the İbradı and Akseki districts in the east and northeast of Antalya. World Wild Fund For Nature (WWF) has identified in 1999 the 100 forest areas, which are the most valuable in terms of biodiversity in Europe and which must urgently be protected, and it has been poin ...

SUBJECT: synecology; vegetation; national parks

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

The microelement content in the soils of Mountainous Dagestan was studied by as. It is shown that total microelements content and its distribution in the soil profile depend on many factors, including the absolute height of the territory and the character of soil-forming rocks. Dagestan is one of the Republics of Northern Caucasus. According to the relief it is divided into four main ph ...

SUBJECT: microelements

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

For centuries an inseparable part of the organization of rural life in Galicia and in northern Portugal, the commonlands (Montes Veciñais en Man Común and Baldios, respectively) continue to play a significant role in the present day. However, as the rural world they belong to, they are now facing a number of threats and challenges. Drawing a comparison between the situations in Galicia a ...

SUBJECT: portugal; common lands

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

Diverse aspects of dairy barn design have been explored by researchers. The application of research results to farming practice evidently offers advantages for animal welfare, management and productivity. The present study investigated the extent to which research findings have been transferred to farms over the last decade (1993 - 2003) in Galicia (NW Spain). In this region, most dairy ...

SUBJECT: dairy cattle

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

Quality of life for women farmers

Marta, Cardín et al. [ 2009 ]

By means of a postal survey, interviews and group discussion sessions, we investigated the influence of integration in ICOS, a farming services cooperative centred on Chantada (Galicia, N.W. Spain. on the quality of life and future prospects of its female members. These are women who aspire to achieve urban standards of individual and collective development without abandoning their rural ...

SUBJECT: spain; rural development; women farmers

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

In summer 2003 a first search was done whit the goal of finding adult walnut seedlings with leafs free of Xanthomonas arboricola pv. juglandis (Xaj) spots. During that year about 150 walnut trees were pre-selected. However in successive years they had been discarded a number of genotypes that had shown some Xaj spots on leaves. At present they remain selected only 25 genotypes that year- ...

SUBJECT: nogal; prospecciã³n; xanthomonas; selecciã³n

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]

The law 42/2007 of December 13, Natural Heritage and Biodiversity points out in its article 35: “The declaration of Parks and Reserves will demand the previous elaboration and approval of the Plan for Natural Resources Management Area”. According to the article 30, the competent authority of each Autonomous Community should develop and approve the Plan for Use and Management once time de ...

SUBJECT: parques (reservas)

POSTED TO: Spanish Journal of Rural Development [2171-1216]