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Directorate of Agricultural Policy and Documentation, Division of Documentation, Ministry of Agriculture of Greece

Fertilization and its effect on nutrition of citrus

Hadjigeorgiou - Yannakaki, D. et al. [nov1980]

The leaf analysis method was used in order to determine the nutritional status of citrus trees, grown in farmer orchards. The experimental orchards were established in several parts of the country and the research work continued for a period of six years. The effect of N, P, K and Zn application on the nutrition of the experimental trees was investigated and the results are the following: The ...

SUBJECT: nutrition; frutas citricas; fertilizantes potasicos; engrais phosphate; fertilizantes fosfatados

POSTED TO: Georgiki Erevna (Greece)

The nutritional status of 10 orange orchards of the Argolic Plain, was studied by means of the leaf analysis method.It was found that the appropriate season for leaves' collection is August to November. During that period the nutrients in the leaves show a rather constant concentration. The constant concentration values of N.P.K.Mg and Zn in the leaf tissues, are discussed and compared with th ...

SUBJECT: metodos; frutas citricas; feuille; agrume; mejoramiento nutricional

POSTED TO: Georgiki Erevna (Greece)

SUBJECT: colza; rape; harvesting; hybride; sowing

POSTED TO: Georgiki Erevna (Greece)

SUBJECT: honeybees; colonie d'abeilles; abejas; queen bees; apicultura

POSTED TO: Georgiki Erevna (Greece)

SUBJECT: winemaking; sodium; vinification; grece/ composition; wines

POSTED TO: Georgiki Erevna (Greece)

L' object de cette etude concerne la pedogenese de deux sols de la Grece du Sud et l' action individualisee de la topographie sur le processus de leur evolution dans les conditions ou les autres facteurs (temps, climat, rochemere, vegetation) restent stables. Nous avons constate que les deux types de sols ont evolues en Alfisols avec la formation de leur horizon argileux, sous conditions norma ...

SUBJECT: genesis del suelo; greece; soil genesis; genetic soil types; grecia

POSTED TO: Georgiki Erevna (Greece)

SUBJECT: propriete physicochimique du sol; irrigation scheduling; calendrier des irrigations; soil physicochemical properties; rizosfera

POSTED TO: Georgiki Erevna (Greece)

The possibility to modify or improve the soil Bouyoukos soil mechanical analysis method was researched. The results of the following modifications were compared with those of the pipette method. Bouyoucos (B), Bouyoucos with, 25cm3 1 N dispersing agent (B1), Bouyoucos and over night shaking (B2), Bouyoucos with, 25cm3 1 N dispersing agent and over night shaking (B3), and Bouyoucos with 3 drops ...

SUBJECT: methode; mecanica del suelo/ analisis; metodos; grecia; mecanique du sol/ analyse

POSTED TO: Georgiki Erevna (Greece)

Sparkling and pearl wines in Greece

Danilatos, N. et al. [1985]

In many vine growing areas of Greece there are ecosystems (variety - soil - climate) whose production is - after harvest at the degree of technological maturity and correct winemaking - an excellent raw material for the elaboration of sparkling and pearl wines (low alcohol content, high acidity, rich in nitrogenous compounds, with no tendency to oxydation). On the other hand, technological fac ...

SUBJECT: grecia; champan y vino espumoso; grece; champagne et vin mousseux

POSTED TO: Hellenica Oenologica Chronica (Greece) [1105-0616]

Remote sensing and soil survey

Silleos, G.N. et al. [oct1985]

The present study deals with the application of remote sensing techniques in soil survey. The contribution of such a technique was tested in the tectonic fill valley of Xiniada, Phthiotida County, Greece. Physiographic analysis was used in order to construct the basic physiographic map of the survey area, by aerial photo-interpretation. In each physiographic unit the expected soil characterist ...

SUBJECT: enquete; teledeteccion; grecia; teledetection; encuestas

POSTED TO: Georgiki Erevna (Greece) [0253-9489]