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University of the West Indies (Regional centre for Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago)

Varietal trial of cabbage

Chetram, R.S. [1970]

The objective of this trial was to determine the yield potential and adaptability of 8 varieties of cabbage under Guyanese conditions. The experiment was conducted on onverwagt clay and each variety was replicated twice. The variety KK Cross had the highest yield of 32,648 lbs/acre and showed a high degree of resistance to black rot disease. It also had the highest heading percentage (95 %)

SUBJECT: production vegetale; repollo; crecimiento; espigueo; croissance

POSTED TO: Agricultural Research Guyana (Guyana)

Soyabean spacing trial

Chetram, R.S. [1969]

The trial was conducted on sandy clay soils and the variety chosen was 240664. 3 inter-row spacings 6, 12 and 18 inches and 3 row spacings 4, 6 and 8 inches were compared. Results were not significant. However, when the spacing 6 inches x 4 inches was compared with the standard spacing, 18 inches x 6 inches, the former outyielded the latter by 897 lbs/acre

SUBJECT: soja; espacement; sol argileux/ rendement des cultures; espaciamiento; suelo arcilloso/ rendimiento de cultivos

POSTED TO: Agricultural Research Guyana (Guyana)

Reports on trials in the project area which were conducted to study varietal responses to plant population densities, to determine the water management system most suitable to farmers and the cheapest and most effective method of land preparation. Fertilizer trials (nitrogen and phosphorus) were also done and are here reported

SUBJECT: arroz; poblacion vegetal; guyane; riz; fertilizantes

A review of the climate, soil and types of feed crops produced, and relevant research work carried out in this area. The performance of animals bred in this area is also discussed. Makes recommendations for improved pasture production systems

SUBJECT: guyane; guyana; plante fourragere; alimentation des animaux; plantas forrajeras

Varietal trial of tomatoes

Chetram, R.S. [1970]

A trial was conducted to determine the yield potential and adaptability of 11 varieties of tomatoes on onverwagt clay under Guyanese conditions. The variety Ogier gave the highest yield of 20,368 lbs/acre, but produced the smallest fruits. The yield of most of the varieties was low due to nitrogen and phosphorus deficiency and nematode attacks

SUBJECT: production vegetale; tomate; produccion vegetal; variedades; variete

POSTED TO: Agricultural Research Guyana (Guyana)

An experiment to determine the yield potential of 11 varieties of sweet potatoes, including the local variety, White Lady, was carried out on onverwagt clay with a sandy substratum. The highest yield of 43,802 lbs/acre was obtained with the variety T67; C9/9 and 26/10 yielded over 40,000 lbs/acre and the local variety yielded 34,727 lbs. The lowest yield of 24,926 lbs/acre was obtained with th ...

SUBJECT: production vegetale; produccion vegetal; crecimiento; variedades; croissance

POSTED TO: Agricultural Research Guyana (Guyana)

Paper discusses factors that would encourage and improve production and productivity of small cane farmers. Traces the development of the small cane farmer and identifies problems facing him over the years. Discusses the role that education and training in management could play in the development of this group of farmers

SUBJECT: guyane; campesinado; explotacion en pequena escala; petite exploitation; industrie du sucre

The first part of the paper attempts to evaluate Guyana's existing programmes and proposals for increasing domestic production of vegetable oils. The second section discusses two new oil palm development projects which are part of a programme for transforming Guyana into a major oil palm producing country

SUBJECT: guyane; palmier oleifere; guyana; elaeis guineensis; huile de palme

The trial was conducted with the long-range objective of developing cassava as a supplemental cattle feed. Planting stock of 10 promising varieties of sweet cassava obtained from CIAT and 2 varieties obtained from farmers near Ebini, were included in the non-replicated variety test carried out on Kasarama loamy sand. Results indicated that acceptable yields can be produced on the intermediate ...

SUBJECT: manihot esculenta; guyane/ variete; plante fourragere; rendement des cultures; suelo franco

POSTED TO: Agricultural Research Guyana (Guyana)

Corn varietal trial

Chetram, R.S. [1969]

The varieties used were Pioneer X 304, X 306, X 332, X 348, Oregon and Charity. Pioneer X 304 outyielded the others. The data indicated that the increase in yield was significant at 1 % level. With reduced spacing and increased fertilizers a yield of 6,000 lbs/acre can be obtained with Pioneer X 304

SUBJECT: zea mays; rendimiento de cultivos/ variedades; rendement des cultures/ variete

POSTED TO: Agricultural Research Guyana (Guyana)