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The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is an autonomous organisation under the Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. Formerly known as Imperial Council of Agricultural Research, it was established on 16 July 1929 as a registered society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 in pursuance of the report of the Royal Commission on Agriculture. The ICAR has its headquarters at New Delhi.

The present report pertains to a case of tuberculosis in a tapir belonging to the Trichur Zoo, Kerala, India

SUBJECT: tuberculose; kerala; vida silvestre; tuberculosis; faune et flore sauvages

POSTED TO: Indian Veterinary Journal (India) [0019-6479]

Study was conducted to see the effect of NaOH soaking treatment of rice husk on the chemical composition, in-vitro digestibility and dry matter disappearance from nylon bag suspended in the rumen

SUBJECT: arroz; remojo; riz; composition; hidroxido sodico

POSTED TO: Asian Journal of Dairy Research (India) [0253-6595]

A study was carried out to study the effect of different levels of malt solids in mix on physico-chemcial properties of spray dried milk powder

SUBJECT: malta (producto); composition; propiedades fisico-quimicas; propriete physico-chimique; leche en polvo

POSTED TO: Asian Journal of Dairy Research (India) [0253-6595]

Chloramphenicol and tetracycline were found very potent followed by neomycin and streptomycin but fairly high percentage of E. coli strains were resistant to penecillin, ampicillin and erythromycin

SUBJECT: bactericide; irak; ternero; veau; bactericidas

POSTED TO: Indian Veterinary Journal (India) [0019-6479]

Rate of multiplication of Spodoptera litura (F.) was studied on banana (Musa sp.). The net reproductive rate, representing the total female virths (Ro). was 479.15. The population increased with an infinitesimal rate of (rm) 0.1525 and finite rate (lambda) of 1.165 females per female per day and a generation was completed in 40-48 days. The population was able to multiply 2.909 times every wee ...

SUBJECT: insecte nuisible; insectos daninos; cycle de developpement; banano; spodoptera

POSTED TO: Annals of Entomology (India)

Studies regarding relationship of tiller initiation and emergence with leaf development on the mother-shoot in sugarcane cultivars have revealed that tillers were initiated when the mother shoot had at least two open leaves. Maximum frequency and probability of tiller emergence coincided with the development of 6-8 leaves on the mother-shoot

SUBJECT: crecimiento; feuille; macollamiento; croissance; hojas

POSTED TO: Indian Journal of Plant Physiology (India) [0019-5502]

The immune response of 4 strains of C. perfringens type A in eight vaccinal preparations was assayed in rabbits by estimating the gamma globulin content. The increase with respect to alumina gel incorporated vaccine of the two local isolates (C-9/82 and C-14/82) causing false blackleg of cattle was recorded upto 99% and 115% rise as compared to F-3795/67 and F-7870/66 strains which gave 33.8% ...

SUBJECT: vaccin; reponse immunitaire; vacuna; gros betail; coloides

POSTED TO: Indian Veterinary Journal (India) [0019-6479]

Microcerotermes pakistanicus Akhtar, is reported from Malayattoor (Lat. 10 11' N and Long. 76 41' E), Kerala, India, damaging cashew plantation. This is the first record of this species from India. The hitherto unknown Imago and worker castes are described

SUBJECT: infestation; kerala; microcerotermes; isoptera; infestacion

POSTED TO: Annals of Entomology (India)

When 9 varieties of Brassica species, viz. 'Parkash' 'RH 30', 'RH 7819', 'RH 7846' and 'Varuna' Indian mustard Brassica juncea (Linn.) Czern. and Coss. subsp. juncea Linn. 'BSH 1' and 'Pb 24' Indian colza [B. rapa (Linn.) Thell. emend. Metzger var. glauca (Roxb.) Sulz.], 'Sangam' rapeseed [B. rapa (Linn.) Thell. emend. Metzger var. napus Linn.] and 'Local' wild turnip (B. tournefortii Gouan.), ...

SUBJECT: germination; variedades; espece; germinacion; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences (India) [0019-5022]

This paper deal with the detailed studies on the survey and a redescription of the life history of Gyraulus convexiusculus (Hutton) in Punjab

SUBJECT: pendjab; punjab; caracoles de tierra; cycle de developpement; escargot

POSTED TO: Indian Journal of Animal Sciences (India) [0367-8318]