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National Agricultural Documentation Center, Information Center of Iraq

Soil depth and percentage of CaCo3 were found as important factors affecting vertical distribution and seasonal variations of citrus nematode on root at all localities under study

SUBJECT: nematodos; nematode; propriete physicochimique du sol; carbonate de calcium; carbonato de calcio

POSTED TO: Zanco (Iraq)

The cultivars of date fruits (Phoenix dactylifera L.) were stored at 30 deg C and R.H. 65-75% for the period of 18 weeks

SUBJECT: variete/ stockage; duree; variedades/ almacenamiento; propiedades fisico-quimicas; duracion

POSTED TO: J. of Agriculture and Water Resources Research (Iraq)

During the Summer of 1984, foulbrood diseases started to occur at many apiaries in the northern Iraqi Governorates (Nenevah, Arbil and Dehawk). The results of this experiment showed that 30 samples out of 35 contained the bacterium Streptococcus pluton. The identification tests on 54 bacilli isolates obtained from diseased brood have shown that 27 isolates belong to Bacillus alvei and 12 isola ...

SUBJECT: irak/ identificacion; couvain; bacteriosis; bacteriose; enfermedades de los animales

POSTED TO: Zanco (Iraq)

SUBJECT: seasons; feuille; enemigos naturales; ennemi naturel; aphis

POSTED TO: Zanco (Iraq)

This experiment studied the effect of sex, age and body weight on some haematological characteristics of Iraqi Awassi sheep

SUBJECT: race; peso; poids; razas; propiedades fisico-quimicas

POSTED TO: Zanco (Iraq)

One-year old plants of Acer monspessulanum L., Acer tataricum L., Acer negundo L., Acer saccharum L., and Acer campestre L. were planted on 25-1-1979 in Bakhtiari plantation/Sulaimaniyah district. All the mentioned species were suitable for growing in Bakhriari plantation. Acer negundo L. gave the best result followed by Acer tataricum

SUBJECT: acer; irak/ produccion forestal; irak/ production forestiere; crecimiento; ramificacion

POSTED TO: Zanco (Iraq)

This study on Colibacillosis in lambs was designed to determine the common E. Coli serotypes and the role of Apramycin in the treatment of the disease in the farm. It was found that 86 ill lambs out of 226 lambs were born during the period of the study. Morbidity rate was 38.50%. The antimicrobial sensitivity test is concerened, a multiple resistance was shown by all isolates toward the antimi ...

SUBJECT: antibioticos; resistencia a los plaguicidas; antibiotique; colico; cordero

Samples were taken from different horse stables in Baghdad province. Pathogenicity of the isolated strains were tested using the suckling mice and rabbit skin test, the results indicated the success of the rabbit skin test for the detection of Enterotoxins which may play a role in the pathogenicity of the diseases

SUBJECT: poder patogeno; salmonella; irak/ aislamiento (tecnica); caballos; piel

Three computer programs were used to develop regression equations for relating the total height in its original and transformed forms as dependent variables and the diameter at breast height as independent variable

SUBJECT: riego; irak/ produccion forestal; irak/ production forestiere; irrigation; crecimiento

POSTED TO: Zanco (Iraq)