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The Islamic Azad University, Miyaneh Branch is a university as a branch of Islamic Azad University, a private university system in Iran. It is located in Miyaneh city in East Azarbaijan Province. IAU is one of the largest comprehensive system of universities, colleges, and community colleges in the world.

 The study aim was identifying of effective factors on canola farmers’ adoption to sustainable agriculture. The research tools were the questionnaire, which panel of experts had confirmed its validity, and its reliability had been reported from 0.75 to 0.85. The target population of the study consisted of all canola farmers in Golestan province (N=7543), according to Cochran’ formula, a number ...

SUBJECT: کشاورزی جایگزین; مصرف بهینه آب; نوآوری زراعی; نهاده کم مصرف; حفاظت منابع


Recently, there is an increasing attention to plant pathogen’s biocontrol considering hazards and environmental threats of chemical pesticides. Therefore, using plant materials as safe and natural antimicrobes is going to be investigated in recent years. The current study’s projective was evaluation of plant materials obtained from purple coneflower effecting on Xanthomonas arboricola pv. jugl ...

SUBJECT: تولیدات طبیعی; سوختگی باکتریایی گردو; echinacae purpurea; مهار زیستی; خاصیت ضدباکتریایی


To study the effect of sowing dates on yield and yield components of sunflower cultivars as a second crop, an experiment was conducted in Research Field of Education Center of Jihade-Agriculture of Hamedan. The experiment was carried out in factorial based on randomized complete block design with three replications. The first factor was sowing date including 20th May, 25th June and 10th July a ...

SUBJECT: helianthus annuus; سیرنا; کشت تأخیری; کشت دوم; یوروفلور


Sirjan plain is one of main and potential areas of pistachio cultivation in Kerman province, Iran. A east to west transect perpendicular to Sirjan plain development was selected, and 15 profiles were described and sampled in the present physiographics under pistachio cultivation. Physical and chemical property of soil samples were determined and classified up to family level. The Ocric horizon ...

SUBJECT: تحول خاک; pestachia vera; حاصلخیزی خاک; طبقه بندی خاک; پروفیل خاک


Root knot causing by nematodes is a major disease of tobacco in all tobacco-producing countries in subtropical and tropical zones. Resistant cultivars implementation is the preferable economic management method. Nematicides are expensive and may pollute the environment. Therefore, this study evaluated reaction of 100 flue-cured tobacco genotypes to Meloidogyne incognita based on completely ran ...

SUBJECT: مقاومت; تحمل; نژاد; coker 176; حساسیت


This study during the year of 2011 and 2012 in horticultural research station and seed and plant improvement Institute, Karaj as factorial on the base completely randomized design was done. Factors include almond seedlings tested in 6 levels (supernova, Perlis, D 124, Marcona, Rabie, and k1-16) and osmotic stress of polyethylene glycol in 5 levels (0, 2-, 4-, -6 and 8-bar). The results showed ...

SUBJECT: پرولین; تنش خشکی; رطوبت نسبی; گلوکز و فروکتوز; تنش آبی


To study the effect of seed priming by salicylic acid and nano-iron chelate on germination and initial growth of lentil under salinity stress, a factorial experiment was conducted based on completely randomized design with three replications. Treatments was contained priming with salicylic acid and nano-iron chelate each with three levels (1000, 2000 and 3000 mg.L-1), hydropriming with distill ...

SUBJECT: کلرید سدیم; هیدروپرایمینگ; نانو فن آوری; پرایمینگ; lens culinaris


To study the effects of ecological weeds management by some of companion crops on agronomic traits of corn (single cross 504), an experiment was carried out in 2011 in Research Farm of faculty of agriculture at University Tabriz. The experiment was carried out in a factorial arrangement with the base of randomized complete block design in three repetitions. The treatments of this experiment in ...

SUBJECT: ماشک گل خوشه ای; شوید; کشت مخلوط; شبدر قرمز; ریحان


This study was conducted to investigate the effects of crop residues on mineral nitrogen rates  of soil using four crop residues of cotton, maize, wheat and alfalfa, urea treatment (90 kg/ha) and control based on completely randomized block design with four replications. N fertilizer (urea) was added to residues, in terms of C/N ratio and calculation of nitrogen factor, before incorporating th ...

SUBJECT: معدنی شدن; کیفیت بقایای گیاهی; منابع نیتروژن; نسبت کربن به نیتروژن


This study was conducted using 13 triticale genotypes: ET-79-3, ET-79-4, ET-79-17, ET-82-8, ET-82-15, ET-82-16, ET-83-20, ET-84-5, ET-84-8, ET-84-15, ET-85-7, ET-85-9, JUANILLO 92 in an RCBD with three replicates to determine the phenological and physiological traits affecting grain yield and related characteristics, in Agricultural Research Station of Gonbad in 2008-9. Data analysis of varian ...

SUBJECT: به نژادی; تنوع ژنتیکی; همبستگی صفات; تنوع زیستی; چاودم