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IAU was established in 1982, by the charter of the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution(SCCR), which is the chief and highest responsible body for accreditation of any higher education institutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Globalization is integration of national economies in global economy and infers on increasing the flow of goods and services. In this study the consequences of globalization were studied through the analysis of Level of International Trade index (LIT) in the caviar export equation. The required data were gathered from Statistical Yearbook of Foreign Trade, Statistical Yearbook of fisheries, St ...

SUBJECT: caviar; level of international trade index (lit); globalization; autoregressive distributed lag method (ardl)


The purpose of this study is to investigate comparative advantages of corn in comparison with other competitor crops. To do so, Linear Programming, to 2004-2005 data related to classic index (DRC) in Kermanshah province was applied. Results showed that corn has comparative advantages in all regions of Kermanshah province while in optimal cultivation pattern of 37.5 percentages of regions in ex ...

SUBJECT: linear programming method; optimal cultivation pattern; corn; kermanshah province; comparative advantage


The green revolution fulfilled the food demand of crowded millions. From the time of green revolution to till date high yielding and fertilizer responsive varieties have evolved to increase the production per unit area. To improve the productivity only major nutrients are concentrated almost in all crops. Though the importance of micronutrient realized during past decades in most of the crops ...

SUBJECT: micronutrients; zinc deficiency; malnutrition; iron deficiency


The Farmers of the Future (FoF) initiative implemented a programme of integrating natural resources management in the basic education curriculum. The purpose of the study was to document activities and determine the effects of FoF programme on primary school learners’ perceptions towards natural resources management by comparing learners involved in the FoF programme and those not involved. Fu ...

SUBJECT: agricultural education; perceptions; agro forestry; basic education; natural resources


This study focused on the income generating capacity of farm family’s own resources and examined the vulnerability to financial risk among the remote and peri-urban farming systems of Imo state. Primary data was collected using the farming and rural systems approach to randomly select and interview 120 households. Descriptive statistics and Mann whitney test were used in assessing between grou ...

SUBJECT: family income; male/female headed households; rural households; cash flow


The issue of convergence or divergence of productivity has important policy for regional poverty reduction and increasing standards of living. If productivity converges to a common level without intervention, there is little need for explicit policies in lagging regions to promote catch up. On the other hand, productivity has divergence trend, then explicit policies would be needed to prevent ...

SUBJECT: eastern africa; productivity; iran; agriculture; convergence


This study was undertaken to investigate the effect of socioeconomic factors on fish catch around the Lower Ogun River in Isheri-Olofin area (downstream) and Ishasi (upstream). Two hundred and fifty (250) respondents were randomly sampled. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and chisquare. It was found that a large percentage (74.4%) owned personal fishing craft.18% of the respo ...

SUBJECT: ogun river; socio-economic; fish-catch


Rural households in Nigeria are vulnerable to shock because of their limited capacity to make informed decision on secured coping strategies which is further aggravated by some households’ specific socio-economic characteristics. Attempts were made to identify shocks being faced by households’ heads and coping strategies. Multistage sampling technique was used to select 80 respondents and well ...

SUBJECT: coping strategies; probit model; rural households; nigeria; shocks


The increasing demand for rice in Ghana has been a major concern to the government and other stakeholders. Recent concerns by the coalition for African Rice Development (CARD) to double rice production within ten years in Sub-Saharan countries have triggered the to implement strategies to boost rice production in the government. To fulfill this requirement, there is a need to monitor and forec ...

SUBJECT: milled rice; production; forecasting; ghana; box- jenkins


The importance of shea tree to the people of south-western Nigeria cannot be over emphasized considering both the economic and environmental uses of the tree. However, efforts have not been made to propagate its production by the farmers as the shea tree still grows in the wild state. It would be worthwhile to investigate farmers’ perception of shea nut tree as an economic tree and their attit ...

SUBJECT: shea nut; economic tree; farmers; perception