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L'ISMEA (Istituto di Servizi per il Mercato Agricolo Alimentare) è un ente pubblico economico istituito con l'accorpamento dell'Istituto per Studi, Ricerche e Informazioni sul Mercato Agricolo (già ISMEA) e della Cassa per la Formazione della Proprietà Contadina, con decreto legislativo 29 ottobre 1999 n. 419, concernente il 'riordinamento del sistema degli enti pubblici nazionali'.  

"In vitro" tests have been carried out aiming to detect antifungal activity of essential oils extracted from plants against Pennicillium italicum, P. digitatum, Alternaria citri and Botrytis cinerea. The results have pointed out a high antifungal activity of extracts obtained from Thymus capitatus, T. serpyllum, Origanum vulgare and Eugenia caryophyllata all of them have prevented the growth o ...

SUBJECT: control de hongos; aceites esenciales; frutas citricas; agrume; lutte anti-champignon

POSTED TO: Rivista della Ortoflorofrutticoltura Italiana (Italy) [0035-5968]

SUBJECT: antigenos/ experimentos; salmonella; antigens/ experiments; antigene/ experimentation

POSTED TO: Archivio Veterinario Italiano (Italy) [0468-9291]

SUBJECT: cultivo; machine; vitis vinifera; pratique culturale; cultivation

POSTED TO: Vignevini (Italy) [0390-0479]

[The dirofilaria disease in the dog in Canada]

Slocombe, J.O.D. et al. [jun1985]

SUBJECT: etiologia; perro; canada; control de enfermedades; dogs

POSTED TO: Selezione Veterinaria (Italy) [0037-1521]

The better valorization of goat's milk was one of the subjects of a common research programme between the homologous dairy laboratories of Bulgaria and Greece. We have called Rumelia a semi-hard cheese type pasta filata, which we have prepared from goat's milk. We have adapted the technology of the Provolone types cheese in goat's milk for the preparation a new type of cheese, piquant in taste ...

SUBJECT: propriete organoleptique; leche de cabra; queso; fromage; technologie fromagere

POSTED TO: Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero-Casearia (Italy) [0390-6361]

SUBJECT: lait; leche; industria lechera; milk; eau

POSTED TO: Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero-Casearia (Italy) [0390-6361]

SUBJECT: vid; malezas; mauvaise herbe; grapevines; machine

POSTED TO: Rivista di Viticoltura e di Enologia (Italy) [0370-7865]

Hay harvesting and wafering machines were put on the market in the 60s but eventually dropped because of their high energy demand and operative limitations. Later, rotary wafering systems, which seemed to do away with such shortcomings, were investigated and developed. However, these machines too were abandoned, altough the firts results had been satisfactory. The authors again investigate the ...

SUBJECT: stockage; prensa-enfardadoras; presse (outil); almacenamiento; machine

POSTED TO: Rivista di Ingegneria Agraria (Italy) [0304-0593]

By coproscopy of 730 fecal samples of fallow deer from 14 farms in Umbria and post mortem investigation of 15 head of Dama dama was carried out an investigation on the diffusion in these animals of strongylosis verminous pneumonia, strongyloidosis, trichuriasis, capillariosis, dicrocoeliasis, fascioliasis, Cestodes infection, with identification (to complete) of species

SUBJECT: ombrie; helminthe/ helminthose; venado; umbria; cerf

POSTED TO: Obiettivi e Documenti Veterinari (Italy) [0392-1913]

SUBJECT: ganado de leche; traite; lait; dairy cattle; leche

POSTED TO: Selezione Veterinaria (Italy) [0037-1521]