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The center aims to invest the results of agricultural research whether locally derived or adopted from other sources in order to increase plant & animal production, enhancing its efficiency towards an optimal and sustainable use of natural agricultural resources, serving the agricultural development goals to maintain the ecological balance.

Rooted cuttings of four pot Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat, cultivars White, Yellow, Red and Dark Deep Popsies were grown in 15 cm plastic pots in March 1985 and 1986. When the average lateral shoot length was 5 cm, the plants were treated with various concentrations of Alar and Cultar to investigate their effect on vegetative growth and flowering. Cultar as soil drench at 2500, 2000, 5000 or ...

SUBJECT: inhibidores del crecimiento; crecimiento/ plantas herbaceas ornamentales; tige; floraison; pirimidinas

SUBJECT: necesidades de nutrientes; planificacion; quality controls/ agroindustrial sector; industrie alimentaire; jordanie

POSTED TO: al-muhandis al-zira3y (Jordan)

Four profiles were sampled from an area mapped as saline soils. Physical, chemical and mineralogical properties were investigated. Besides being high in salt content, all investigated soils were found to be highly calcareous with various amount of gypsum. Evaluation of different soil properties suggested very weak pedogenic changes. Mineralogical analysis indicated the dominance of smectite/mi ...

SUBJECT: genesis del suelo; elemento primario del suelo/ analisis quimico; teneur en elements mineraux; jordanie; pedogenese

POSTED TO: Dirasat (Jordan)

Open sea water has a chlorinit (Cl%) of 35%. Chloride and sodium are the dominant ionic species in the sea water; their gravimetric contents are 89.98 and 77.39% of total anions and cations. Sodium adsorption ratio is relatively high - 59.89; magnesium is the predominant bivalent cation with concentration 5,2 times greater than that of calcium. Therefore, restriction of soil water management s ...

SUBJECT: rendement des cultures/ chlore; boro; sodio; magnesium; composicion

SUBJECT: methode de lutte anti-parasite; kidney beans; jordania/ temperatura del aire; relative humidity; metodos de control de plagas

Population density of Bemisia tabaci, which reaches its lowest level during winter, and the causes of its decline, were studied in the Jordan Valley during 1977/78 and 1979/80. Part of the decline in relative density was due to a "dilution effect"; the whitefly population was distributed among the ever increasing amount of host plant foliage. Oviposition was impaired by rain and low temperatur ...

SUBJECT: tomate; frio; jordania/ densidad de la poblacion; aleurode; oviposition

SUBJECT: date; epoca; timing; jordan/ greenhouses; jordanie/ serre

SUBJECT: triticum aestivum; rat; jordanie; rata; mammifere nuisible