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Agricultural Scientific Documentation Centre of the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

The manual aims at improving the current strategies of the Department of Hydrology. It was produced following a study which reconized the need to consolidate individual assistance towards a common objective in strengthening DOH capacity in both technical and administrative aspects. A formulation mission was mobilized to develop the program document and formulate the corresponding management st ...

SUBJECT: technique de vente; agricultores; materiel d'irrigation; tecnicas de mercadeo; administration

The 1993 annual report of the Cambodia-IRRI-Australia Project, a collaborative project utilizing resources both from the International Rice Research Institute and MAAF Department of Agronomy, gives a brief description of the project components and emphasizes the research conducted during the dry and wet seasons in Cambodia

SUBJECT: variation saisonniere; arroz; investigacion; riz; analyse input output

A course on basic management was prepared for agriculture specialists aiming at procuring the basic knowledge and skills of the major functions of management such as planning, organizing, staffing and controlling

SUBJECT: planificacion; capacitacion; technique de communication; recursos humanos; formation

Rice germplasm catalog of Cambodia

Sahai, V.N. et al. [1992]

The IRRI project aims at establishing a collection of native Cambodian rice germplasm in order to improve the existing varieties the yield of which has dwindled due to diseases and pests. Germplasm collection and conservation should extend the genetic viability of crop species

SUBJECT: banque de genes; investigacion; germplasm; oryza; cambodge

The rice production district programme was carried out in 75 target villages in the Barai area, Siem Reap province. 680 farmers were selected in 74 villages to take part in the extension programme for 92 days. Each farmer completed a two week training course in wet-season rice production and participated to the extension programme throughout the season. 12 rice growing demonstrations including ...

SUBJECT: arroz; estacion humeda; riz; extension; technique de communication

The case study attempts to gather information from farmers, village chiefs and district veterinarians as to their attitudes to cattle husbandry. It surveys cattle diseases in the province of Battambang with the aim of identifying the most common problems in animal health and improving veterinary services in the region

SUBJECT: elevage; ganaderia; poblacion animal; vacunacion; control de enfermedades

Management support program

Galvez, J.A. et al. [nov1991]

The management support program aims primarily at developing strategies for the implementation of a hydrology programme in rural areas of Cambodia. The report establishes the basis for programme formulation, objectives, components and expected outputs

SUBJECT: reglementation des eaux; derecho de aguas; materiel d'irrigation; politica de desarrollo; hydrologie

The programme aims at improving the animal health disease capability of the DAHP staff in the provinces through training and supplying facilities, instruments, vaccines and remedies so that basic animal health services can be supplied

SUBJECT: vacunacion; control de enfermedades; moyen de production agricole; projet de developpement; cambodge

An illustrated brochure on feeding rice straw to cattle was produced in the frame of an extension programme in Cambodia

SUBJECT: traitement; elevage; cereale fourragere; ganaderia; procesamiento

After two decates of civil war, Cambodian road network is in a very poor condition. The rehabilitation long term programme requires a big budject for which international aid is required. The main priority is road 5 that constitutes a connection to the Southeast Asian highway from Singapore to China

SUBJECT: rivers; carreteras; road transport; production; transporte por carretera