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Ministry of Natural Resources Development Kiribati

Fishery resources need to be developed to support individual islands and the country as a whole. Good data bases must be constructed to give a better picture of resources. Frames surveys were made of three rural areas - Abemama, Kuria and North Tarawa. Its value, to enable planners to pick out the essential components of the structure of the study of the subject, and thus to tailor development ...

SUBJECT: ressource halieutique; recursos pesqueros; oceania/ desarrollo pesquero; oceanie/ developpement des peches

This report provides frame data on the South Tarawa artisanal fishery. It examines and discusses changes which may have occurred in fisheries by using work from previous surveys. Also, it examines and discusses the implications of fishing intensity for the atoll fish and shellfish stocks and identifing recommendations for action

SUBJECT: pesca artesanal; oceania; oceanie; operation de peche; operacion pesquera

The Kiribati fish poisoning history dates back to the early days of settlement of the islands. Urban Tarawa is one of the areas where fish poisoning is a problem. Ciguatera fish poisoning is the result of eating toxic fish which have accumulated the poison called ciguatoxin to a harmful level. The fish gets the toxin by eating a seaweed on which Gambierdiscus toxicus a tiny organism lives. The ...

SUBJECT: poisson nuisible; densite de population; oceania; substance toxique; substancias toxicas