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University of the West Indies (Regional centre for Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago

The declining trend of the agricultural sector in St. Kitts has been mainly associated with problems of marketing, land use and land tenure, poor rainfall, crop damage by pests and inadequate support services. These problems coupled with over-dependence on food imports and the crisis facing the sugar industry have led the Government to devise a programme of agricultural diversification. Attent ...

SUBJECT: diversificacion; diversification de la production; utilizacion de la tierra; politica agricola/ extension; credito

Describes the work of the St. Kitts Sugar Manufacturing Corporation

SUBJECT: industrie du sucre; canne a sucre; cana de azucar; saint-cristophe-et-nevis; industria azucarera

In an effort to identify high-yielding locally-adapted corn varieties, 3 trials were conducted at 2 locations. The varieties tested were of yellow and white grain with tropical adaptation and intermediate maturity. White-grained varieties out-yielded the yellow ones but consumers preferred the yellow-grained corn. From the performance of 37 varieties, selection can now be made to meet the spec ...

SUBJECT: selection; variedades; zea mays; variete; saint-cristophe-et-nevis

Lists the factors which make rabbit production less difficult than other meat production, and the qualities which make it a good substitute for other more expensive meats

SUBJECT: saint-cristophe-et-nevis; conejo (oryctolagus); san cristobal y nieves; lapin

Ciguatera is commonly associated with coral reefs throughout the tropics. Ciguatera poisoning in humans is caused by consuming fish contaminated with ciguatoxin, a toxin produced by a dinoflagellate organism, Gambierdiscus toxicus, which is found attached to the surface of dead coral and is apparently eaten by grazing fish. Because of the fear of ciguatera, numerous species of fish are not har ...

SUBJECT: caribe/ desarrollo pesquero; salud publica; toxine; caraibes/ developpement des peches; sante publique

A project was initiated to identify and multiply anthracnose-resistant or tolerant yam cultivars. Virus-free seed material was obtained from Barbados, Santo Domingo and Guadeloupe. The Santo Domingo cultivar appeared to be the most tolerant of the cultivars and gave a yield of 6,600 lbs/ac. One cultivar from Guadeloupe gave a very high yield and also showed a fair tolerance to anthracnose

SUBJECT: anthracnose; igname; antracnosis; names; resistance aux maladies

The feasibility of anhydrous ethanol production, for mixing with gasoline, from whole sugar cane in Jamaica and Guyana is examined. A 120,000 litre per day plant, which would substitute 9 % of Jamaica's gasoline, would cost US$23 million with production costs of US$3.20 per I.G. In Guyana costs were similar at US$14 m for the plant and ethanol production US$2.80/I.G. The pump price of gasoline ...

SUBJECT: alcoholes; alcool; jamaique; jamaica; etileno

The drying characteristics of bagasse

Pilgrim, A.C. et al. [1982]

In laboratory scale single-layer drying experiments with bagasse the rate of drying was externally controlled in the initial stage by the rate of heat transfer to the material. This was increased by increasing gas temperature, gas velocity and reducing material size. A constant rate period is approached but lasts only seconds. The bulk of drying takes place in the falling rate period when rate ...

SUBJECT: sechage artificiel; propriete thermique; bagazo; propiedades termicas; secado artificial

The steam output of a bagasse-fired boiler was 105,000 lbs/hr at 35 % fuel moisture content and 95,000 lbs/hr at 50 % moisture content. The presence of water in the fuel retards combustion, absorbs heat, and lowers flame temperature. Wetter fuel also increases particulate emissions from the boiler. A bagasse-fired boiler with integral fuel drying is described which separates the fine bagasse p ...

SUBJECT: sechage artificiel; secadoras; combustibles/ contenido de humedad; sechoir; combustible/ teneur en eau

Sugarcane is noted as the raw material of greatest potential for the production of ethanol for fuel or chemical feedstock because of its high photosynthetic efficiency, positive energy balance and the need to diversify present acreages in the Caribbean due to low sugar prices. Technological advances to narrow the gap between the theoretical ethanol yield/ton of cane (110 litres) and the actual ...

SUBJECT: technologie; fermentacion; caribe/ metodos; caraibes/ methode; canne a sucre