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A Laboratory of Experimentation Research Institution and Provincial Rural Development Administration owns 70,000 of an Independent Volume and Periodical Publication. We provide literature information service througout Local Catss Library Official program which input upper information by internet.

This study was conducted to investigate anti-oxidative and inflammatory inhibition effects of green tea and dietary fiber mixture on liver of high fat diet-induced obese rats. 21 male rats were divided into 3 dietary groups and control group (A), high fat diet-induced group (B), and high fat (HF) diet-induced + EQ diet-S∨_ diet group (C). Immunoblotting and RT-PCR analysis revealed protein exp ...

SUBJECT: glutation; high fat; dpph; glutathione; glutathion

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science [1225-9306]

The present study was conducted to investigate the anti-allergic reaction with Glycyrrhiza uralensis. We examined cell viability, β-hexosaminidase release, IL-4 and IL-13 mRNA expression from RBL-2H3 cell after pre-treatment with 0, 100, 250, 500, 1000 ㎍/㎖ of Glycyrrhiza uralensis water extracts. Effects of Glycyrrhiza uralensis on the degranulation and pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL-4 and IL- ...

SUBJECT: anti-allergic; beta-hexosaminidase; cells; il-4; celulas

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science [1225-9306]

Antinociception Effect and Mechanisms of Viola tricolor L. Extract in Mouse

Park, S.H., Hallym University, Chuncheon et al. [aug2010]

In the present study, the antinociceptive profiles of Viola tricolor L. (V. tricolor L.) extract were examined in ICR mice. V. tricolor L. extract administered orally (200 mg/kg) showed an antinociceptive effect as measured by the tail-flick and hot-plate tests. In addition, V. tricolor L. extract attenuated the writhing numbers in the acetic acid-induced writhing test. Furthermore, the cumula ...

SUBJECT: raton; anti-nociception; souris; viola tricolor l.; mice

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science [1225-9306]

Effects of Spraying Lime-Bordeaux Mixture on Yield, Ginsenoside, and 70% Ethanol Extract Contents of 3-Year-Old Ginseng in Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer

Lee, S.W., Gingseng Research Division, Department of Herbal Crop Research, NIHHS, RDA, Eumseong et al. [aug2010]

It's crucial to control Alternaria blight and Anthracnose emerging mostly on ginseng leaves during the rainy season to increase the organic ginseng products. The purpose of this study is to investigate the efficay of lime-brodeaux spray on the ginseng leaves and evaluate the growth and yield of the ginseng, and the contents of ginsenoside and 70% ethanol extracts from 3-year-old ginseng variet ...

SUBJECT: lime-bordeaux mixture; ginsenosidos; root yield; ginsenoside; ginsenosides

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science [1225-9306]

The objectives of this study were to compare the antioxidant activities by high pressure extraction of Codonopsis lanceolata from different cultivation areas; Hoeng-sung, Jeju island, and China. Total phenolic acid contents of Hoeng-sung, Jeju, China were estimated as 732.11, 640.25, and 584.85 mg QUR/100 g DW, respectively. The flavonoids contents of Hoeng-sung, Jeju, China were measured as 8 ...

SUBJECT: high pressure extraction; dpph; total phenol; flavonoides; flavonoide

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science [1225-9306]

Ginsenoside Change and Antioxidation Activity of Fermented Ginseng

Doh, E.S., Joongbu University, Geumsan et al. [aug2010]

The extent of growth L. plantarum (LP), L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus (LD), L. fermentum (LF), S. thermophilus (ST), B. longum (BI) and S. cerevisiae (SA) was generally good with the lower concentration of the ginseng extract. Total sapogenin content was slightly different with kinds of a fermentation microorganism and the time of fermentation process, and generally reduced compare to befor ...

SUBJECT: fermentacion; antioxydant; ginsenosidos; antioxidants; ginsenoside

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science [1225-9306]

Phylogenic Relationship of Rubus Cultivated in Korea Revealed by Chloroplast DNA Spacers

Eu, G.S., Chonbuk National University, Jeonju et al. [aug2010]

There is a considerable difference in morphological traits between Bokbunja cultivated in Korea (KCB) and Korea native Rubus coreanus, contrary to the conviction that the cultivated Bokbunja is the domestication of R. coreanus. To infer the phylogenetic relationship of KCB with other Rubus species, we compared the chloroplast DNA spacers of KCB with those of several Rubus species including bla ...

SUBJECT: rubus; rubus species; single stranded conformational polymorphism; phylogenetic relationship

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science [1225-9306]

The study result survey platycodon cultivation regions of Jinju(2), Sacheon(4), Hapcheon(3), Haman(3), and Sancheong(3) of Gyongnam regarding chemical properties of soil, inorganic nitrogen phosphorus by type of composition is as follows: pH and EC value were highest where platycodon cultivated for under 3 years in soils. Content of O.M equal to or less than 25 mg kg-¹, the average value for p ...

SUBJECT: exchange calcium; phosphore; fosforo; platycodon; inorganic nitrogen

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science [1225-9306]

Effects of Water Extract of Liriope platyphylla on the mRNA Expression and Protein Secretion of Nerve Growth Factors

Choi, S.I., Pusan National University/PNU-Laboratory Animal Resources Center, Miryang et al. [oct2010]

Liriope platyphylla has been though as an useful medical plant to improve the cough, sputum, neurodegenerative disorders, obesity, and diabetes in Korea and China from old times. In order to investigate the effects of Liriope platyphylla on expression and secretion of nerve growth factor (NGF), the mRNA expression and protein secretion were detected in the neuronal cell (B35) and neuroglial ce ...

SUBJECT: liriope platyphylla; cells; water extracts; celulas; neuronal cell differentiation

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science [1225-9306]

Chemical Component Contents and Physiological Activity of Lythrum salicaria L. According to Plant Parts and Collected Time

Lee, S.E., Department of Herbal Crop Research, NIHHS, RDA, Eumseong et al. [oct2010]

For the investigation of possibility as a useful functional material, different parts of Lythrum salicaria L. harvested at four growth stages were studied in the aspect of bleeding characteristics, chemical composition and in vitro activity. Weights (g/plant) of L. salicaria plant parts were high in order to stem greater than leaf greater than flower greater than root at the best growth time. ...

SUBJECT: dpph; antioxydant; antioxidants; total phenol; no production

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science [1225-9306]