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The National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan was founded in 1946 as a state institution that joins active members (academicians), corresponding-members and leading scientists of the Republic.

Reduced modes of grinding are recommended to provide high efficiency of grinding process for wheat grain reduction milling on the main systems of break process. It is established that grinding efficiency on break 2 is independent on grinding mode of the earlier break 1 system.

SUBJECT: efficacite; efficiency; eficacia; trigo; granos

Filtering and drying process is effected by feeding suspension from below on to filtering partition, removal of filtrate and cake and subsequent drying of cake in vibrofluidized layer. In this case processes of filtration, cake charging into vibrofluidized layer, drying, cleaning of steam and gas mixture are overlapped and performed continuosly in one unit. The unit comprises vessel for suspen ...

SUBJECT: secado; sechage; filtration; equipment performance; drying

The main trends of development of pasture animal breeding are worked out for improvement of ecological state of the region. Within the framework of the partially realized project "Small Aral" for building a cofferdam in the Berg bay a multi-layer liman system will be created, which will provide an increase of reedbed area and solving of forage production problem. The following recommendations ...

SUBJECT: natural pastures; soil improvement; protection de l'environnement; mejora de suelos; pastizal natural

nThe pedigree base includes 308 heads: 95 heads (30.8 percent )-of elite-record and elite clases, 213 heads (69.2 percent ) of the first and second classes. Followers of the current birth year from the first-calf cows has a mean live mass 175 kg, from the second-calf cows - 180 kg and from the mature cows - 183 kg. By growth intensity, the followers obtained from the bulls of "Alobotinsky" bre ...

SUBJECT: high yielding breeds; race a haut rendement; selection; razas de alta productividad; kazakhsta

Subject of investigation: mountain eluviated chernozems, foothills dark and light chestnut soils and mountain-valley chestnut soils of the South-East Kazakhstan. Goal: scientific foundation, development and implementation of effective techniques for use of fertilizers for potato and vegetable crops prooiding ecologically pure products and environmental protection in the conditions of mountain ...

SUBJECT: plante legumiere; soil improvement; augmentation de rendement; mejora de suelos; aplicacion de abonos

The main ecologic and economic measures are motivated for resoiling and protection of degradated soils, for changing of organizational and economic mechanizm of land use and protection. The systemized elements of the economic mechanizm are given in three groups or blocks.

SUBJECT: soil improvement; agricultura alternativa; mejora de suelos; landscape conservation; gestion du sol

nGoal: veritication of some biological peculiarities of Colorado potato beetle, development of complex measures for its control in hot conditions of the South Kazakhstan. Colorado potato beetle area, harmfulness and regeneration number are determined. The effective insecticides for its control are revealed. It is revealed that crop losses at severe damage by the beetle amount 61.1 percent . Us ...

SUBJECT: protection des plantes; proteccion de las plantas; nleptinotarsa decemlineata; insecticidas; control de plagas

Aim of work - use of biotechnological methods for solution of global problems of mankind and selective practice. At present, culture methods of cells, tissues and organs are generally acknowledged and widely used for solution of fundamental and applied problems of biological and agrarian science. Biotechnological methods of genetic improvement of plants are aimed at solution of the most import ...

SUBJECT: culture d'embryon; breeding methods; biological preservation; haplomethode; seleccion in vitro

POSTED TO: Biotechnology. Theory and practice (Kazakhstan)

nGoal: study and improvement of combined conditions of potato storage; use of preparations from natural raw materials for decreasing of affection of potato and carrot in long-term storage. The combined conditions for potato storage are developed, which provide improvement of potato storage life by 7.7 and 8 percent in comparison with generally accepted storage conditions and decrease the mass ...

SUBJECT: produit vegetal transforme; aptitud para la conservacion; keeping quality; productos vegetales procesados; nvegetable crops

From the statistical data it is evident that about 30 of grain in Kazakhstan is lost in afterharvesting treatment and storage. Because of this, increasing of grain afterharvesting treatment efficiency on the basis of new methods providing improvement of its technological qualities is an urgent task. The damaged grainmay be of the following types: germinated, frosted, dry and damaged by field p ...

SUBJECT: secado; sechage; technologie apres recolte; tecnologia postcosecha; aptitud para la conservacion

POSTED TO: Food engineering and service