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Technical University of Moldova (TUM) is the only higher technical educational institution, accredited by the State in Moldova Republic. Since its establishment in 1964 until now, it has trained about 78 387 engineers and economists.

Applications of extended and combined formant analysis of modern number theory are considered to protect binary information from hacking and deliberate distortion in various IT systems based on a modified RSA-m cryptosystem with fast key changes and encryption algorithms with independent transformation keys with guaranteed small or medium short-term secrecy. Such an approach can serve as one o ...

SUBJECT: modernization; formant analysis; quantum and post quantum cryptography; crypto systems; crypto resistance

The relationships between the module of stress and strain tensor deviator, in the case of thermorheological processes, are modeled by using the structural model. It is shown that sub-element properties can be determined from some experiences on thin walls tubes loaded with axial forces and interior pressure. Because the constants and material functions for this material are unknown the loaded ...

SUBJECT: strain; stress; crystals; rheology; polycrystal

The paper presents the results of theoretical and experimental investigations of phenomena that accompany the formation of nanometer oxide and hydroxide pellicles by applying electrical discharges in impulse (EDI). The chemical content of processed surface analysis (EDX – Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis) attests the presence of oxygen that reaches up to 60% at. for steel surfaces, 30-35% at. ...

SUBJECT: oxide pellicle; "cold" electrode spot; microhardness; surface roughness; electrical discharges in impulse

In this work, the temperature dependent gas sensing properties of tin-doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Sn) nanostructured films are investigated in detail. The two different contents of Sn in ZnO:Sn samples (0.1 and 0.4 at% Sn) and rapid thermal annealing (RTA) at 725 ºC were used, in order to find out the optimal conditions for the highest gas sensing properties, i.e. higher gas response, selectivity an ...

SUBJECT: nanostructured films; volatile organic compounds; gas sensor; zinc oxide

The article examines the effect of providing the necessary physical, mechanical and operational characteristics of the road pavement material from cement concrete intended for highways. Studies carried out in this area have shown that the technical, economic and operational characteristics of such coatings are largely due to the rational choice of the material composition. In the author's prop ...

SUBJECT: a cement concrete; filler; a paving; the plasticizing additive; a highways

This study includes investigation of the influence of oilseed groats on the thermal treatment yield of the final product – “mici” from sheep and poultry meat (70:30). 7% groats of walnut, pumpkin and sesame seeds and 2% wheat fibers were used. There has been determined water content, fat, protein, water retaining capacity and fat retaining capacity, emulsifying capacity of oilseed groats, ther ...

SUBJECT: oilseed groats; thermal treatment effect; poultry meat; sheep meat; sensorial characteristics

The cost management system must be tailored to the needs of the company. The article details the elements of a cost system, as well as the methodology for implementing the cost system based on the specificity of software companies activity.

SUBJECT: method; enterprise; model; launching; applications


Boestean, Olga [2018-06-15]

In this paper, we proposed convective and combined methods for drying wet kernels of apricot stones. Kernels of apricot stones are a very ambiguous food product, during their heat treatment in them occurs not only the loss of mass due to the removal of moisture, but also the loss of mass due to biochemical changes occurring at high temperatures. It was experimentally established that the dryin ...

SUBJECT: kernel of apricot stone; combined method; drying speed curves; kinetic; drying curves


Băjenescu, Titu-Marius I. [2018-06-15]

In the past few years, systems like Siri and Google Now opened our minds to the idea that we don’t have to be tethered to a laptop to have seamless interaction with information. In this model, AIs will move from speech recognition to natural language interaction, to natural language generation, and eventually to an ability to write as well as receive information. Machine learning is about man ...

SUBJECT: deep learning; robot; technology; deepstack; automatic learning


Băjenescu, Titu-Marius I. [2018-06-15]

There are a variety of applications for devices that extend into the deep-UV, including biological agent detection and optical storage. The nitride material system is a set of semiconducting compounds that have wavelengths that span a broad range, from yellow to deep-UV. AlGaN has a direct bandgap that extends into the deep-UV range; the device-quality material, is deposited epitaxially using ...

SUBJECT: algan duv leds; duv leds; ultraviolet leds; algan