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Chitedze Agricultural Research Station (CARS) was established in the 1948 to expand the work which was being carried out at Likuni Experiment Station.This was done under the leadership of Mr. S. Hoyle, the first Chief Agricultural Research Officer (director) in Malawi. The first field experiments on the station were conducted in the 1949/50 season. Since the inception of the station several institutions have been established within the premises. Colby College of Agriculture, which later moved and was renamed the Natural Resources College, was o [...]

SUBJECT: investigacion; malawi; national planning; research policies; management

Formulating for safety

Kampani, D.V. [[1987]]

SUBJECT: toxicity; stockage; plaguicidas; almacenamiento; pesticide

The Malawi adaptive research program

Gillard-Byers, T.E. [aug1988]

SUBJECT: transfert de technologie; malawi; extension; research policies; politique de la recherche

POSTED TO: Working paper - ARPCU-TAE (Malawi)

SUBJECT: research policies; politique de la recherche; parques nacionales; encuestas/ pesca; crops


Economic analysis and interpretation

Gillard-Byers, T.E. [sep1988]

SUBJECT: analyse economique/ essai; malawi; economics; analisis economico/ pruebas; economia

POSTED TO: Working paper - ARPCU-TAE (Malawi)

SUBJECT: agricultores; explotacion en pequena escala; petite exploitation; extension; role of women

SUBJECT: tenencia; explotacion en pequena escala; petite exploitation; explotacion en gran escala; etude de cas

SUBJECT: production vegetale; protection des plantes; kidney beans; plant production; seed

The Malawi Household Energy Survey, carried out between September and November 1990 sampled 1685 households in three income categories in Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu. Findings indicate that households allocate 14% of their net income to energy. Energy use patterns are firewood 84.3%, charcoal 35.9%, coal 0.5%, electricity 37.4% and paraffin 62.6% of the households, firewood being mainl ...

SUBJECT: parafinas; charbon de bois; bois de chauffage; consumo familiar; zonas urbanas