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Namibian Agriculture and Water Information Centre, Agricultural Library, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development

[Citrus production program]

Klein, P.F.E. [1991]

A program for the production of citrus in Namibia. It is divided into months with specific indicators as what to add to the soil and how much at a time

SUBJECT: production vegetale; produccion vegetal; namibie; citrus; namibia

An investigation into the broiler production units in Ovamboland and the market potential with a method which would deliver reliable information. The survey includes a conclusion which confirmed that a big demand for chickens exists in Ovamboland.

SUBJECT: investigacion de mercados; poulet de chair; namibie; pollo de engorde; etude de marche

The data presented in the bulletin is brought together for the first time. The period covered is 1990 - 1996. The volume is in 3 sections: Agricultural output and GDP, Animals and animal products and Crops. Some of the data differentiates between the communal and the commercial sectors.

SUBJECT: donnee statistique; indicateur economique; exportation; sorghum; datos de produccion

Rainfall variation and consequently fodder availability are known to be constraining factors in sustainable rangeland management and livestock production in Namibia. Opportunistic management strategies are described in this article as a possible answer: The ranch model and the open flexibility movement of animals are to be applied in a combined approach to achieve the goals of sustainable rang ...

SUBJECT: elevage; betail; ganaderia; manejo de praderas; ganado

POSTED TO: Agricola (Namibia) [1015-2334]

This short progress report covers the initiation and development of vegetable research in northern communal areas of Namibia during 1993 to 1996. A lack of practical experience with vegetable trials and appropriate training skills necessitated a comprehensive approach to promote the emergence of an appropriate production system. Vegetable cultivar trials were inadequate to allow meaningful sta ...

SUBJECT: plante legumiere; investigacion; essai de variete; lycopersicon esculentum; variete

POSTED TO: Agricola (Namibia) [1015-2334]

The executive summary and recommendations of the feasibility study on the Isize rice project in the North of Namibia on the Zambezi river.

SUBJECT: cultivo; zambeze; pratique culturale; rio zambeze; namibie

A survey and evaluation of natural resources and existing infrastructure in the area. A plan for development and recommendations are included.

SUBJECT: cultivo; analyse economique; entorno socioeconomico; analisis economico; environnement socioeconomique

This short article covers the evaluation results of groundnut trials planted and tested during 1991-1995 by using germplasm material which was obtained from SADC/ICRISAT Malawi, ICRISAT/India and the Agricultural Research Council of South Africa. Promising lines were selected from the different trials on the various research farms and planted in the Namibia National Trial for further evaluatio ...

SUBJECT: ensayos de variedades; germoplasma; essai de variete; germplasm; variedades

POSTED TO: Agricola (Namibia) [1015-2334]

During the 1991/2 season five accessions from the germplasm collection of the Namibian Pearl Millet Breeding Programme were identified for their yielding superiority. Using recurrent selection, five test varieties were made from these accessions at both Omahenene Research Station and Mzarabani by diallel fashion. During three seasons of testing in several yield trials in Namibia these varietie ...

SUBJECT: essai de variete; pennisetum glaucum; variedades indigenas; variete a haut rendement; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: Agricola (Namibia) [1015-2334]

This socio-economic survey, the first in a series, aims at generating information on the social, cultural and economic circumstances and processes which influence the lives of communities in the eastern areas of Namibia. It provides geographical background on the region, describes the socio-economic status of the households and the various productive resources. Recommendations are made on deve ...

SUBJECT: developpement de la communaute; seguridad alimentaria; securite alimentaire; tierras comunales; terre communale