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To make Nigeria one of the acknowledged leaders of the scientifically and technologically developed nations of the world

SUBJECT: nigeria; drought; secheresse; sequia

POSTED TO: News magazine - Institute for Agricultural Research (Nigeria)

Experiments were conducted on the molluscicidal activity of Tetrapleura tetraptera (Mimosaceae). The methanolic extractive of the fruit at a concentration of 7.5-60 mg/litre caused a slowing of the heart of intact Biomphlaria glabrata. This effect was dose and time dependent. The water extract of the fruit of the plant was applied at a concentration of 15, 20 and 25 mg/litre in selected water ...

SUBJECT: schistosomose; moluscocidas; nigeria; mimosoideae; fasciolosis

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Production Research (Nigeria) [0189-0514]

60 Hereford steers each weighing 220 kg + 10 kg were used in a 193-day study to evaluate the influence of resorcylic acid lactone (Ralgro) implantation on growth rate, feed conversion and carcass characteristics of animals placed on 3 dietary treatments. The experimental design was a 3x2 factorial. Dietary treatments were rolled barley, rolled barley+alfalfa or alfalfa. Ralgro implantation was ...

SUBJECT: nigeria; ganado de carne; buey; promoteur de croissance; valeur nutritive

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Production Research (Nigeria) [0189-0514]

50 Hereford steer calves weighing 220-10 kg were used in an experiment to evaluate the effect of grain/roughage rations and feeding regimes on performance of beef steers. The experimental arrangement was a completely randomised design with 5 treatment groups, 2 replicates per treatment and 5 steers per replicate. The experimental treatments were as follows: i. Rolled barley+concentrate through ...

SUBJECT: boeuf; ganado de carne; bovin de boucherie; ration; nigeria/ granos

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Production Research (Nigeria) [0189-0514]

12 steers with a mean liveweight of 200 kg and average age of 2 years from three different breeds of cattle were used in a changeover design to investigate breed differences on the digestibility of two forms of Cynodon nlemfuensis var. robustus roughage. Results obtained indicate that the indigenous white Fulani Zebu cattle showed a significantly (P/0.05) better ability over two other breeds i ...

SUBJECT: boeuf; nigeria; digestibilite; buey; forraje grosero

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Production Research (Nigeria) [0189-0514]

An outbreak of an unusual bovine dermatitis at the Dairy Unit of the University of Ife Teaching and Research Farm is reported. The outbreak covered an approximate period of 18-20 months. The disease was limited to the exotic breeds of cattle namely Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Friesian and their crosses with White Fulani cattle while the local breeds such as pure White Fulani cows in the same unit re ...

SUBJECT: bacteriosis; nigeria; bacteriose; nocardia; bovinae

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Production Research (Nigeria) [0189-0514]

Four experiments were conducted to study the effects of supplementing groundnut cake based diets with methionine and lysine. Three levels of methionine (0.1, 0.2 and 0.3%) in combination with two levels of lysine (0.25 and 0.50%) were evaluated. Results showed that the addition of methionine and lysine to the diets significantly improved performance similar to that obtained on a fishmeal contr ...

SUBJECT: lysine; poulet; complement alimentaire; methionine; metionina

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Production Research (Nigeria) [0189-0514]

Growth rates of Wadara and Shorthorn-Wadara crossbred females were studied using body weight and age data. Mean birth weights of Wadara and crossbred calves were 21.4+-0.75 and 25.5+-0.51 kg respectively. The growth to 24 months of age in Wadara and 12 months in the crossbreds were described by the following equations: Wadara Y=36.7+11.19X-0.201X2; Wadara crosses Y=34.0+17.35X-0.636X2 where X ...

SUBJECT: peso al nacimiento; nigeria/ produit de croisement; ternero; crecimiento; veau

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Production Research (Nigeria) [0189-0514]

Four experiments were conducted to study the effects of replacing groundnut meal with delinted cottonseed meal in broiler diets. Six levels (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30%) of cottonseed meal (CSM) were used to replace groundnut meal (GNM) on an equal protein basis in two broiler starter (0-5 weeks) experiments while five levels (5, 10, 15, 20 and 25%) of cottonseed meal were used to replace ground ...

SUBJECT: poulet de chair; pasteles; farine alimentaire pour animaux; harina para piensos; nigeria/ tortas oleaginosas

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Production Research (Nigeria) [0189-0514]

Forty-eight Uda and Yankasa wethers were fattened on a basal diet of Digitaria smutsii hay supplemented with six levels of concentrate mixtures made of varying amounts of guinea-corn and groundnut cake. The animals were fed according to metabolic body weights for an experimental period of 12 weeks. The rations were isocaloric and isoproteinous. Daily dry matter and crude protein intakes averag ...

SUBJECT: tourteau d'oleagineux; carnero; sorghum; canal animal; mouton

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Production Research (Nigeria) [0189-0514]