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NMBU's mission is to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Our interdisciplinary research and study programmes generate innovations in food, health, environmental protection, climate and sustainable use of natural resources.

SUBJECT: enzymes/ microscopy; porcin; foxes; digestive system diseases; enzimas/ microscopia

[The advice for water analysis]

Maroni, K. et al. [1986]

SUBJECT: pisciculture; temperatura del agua; piscicultura; heavy metals; water analysis/ water quality

POSTED TO: Norsk Fiskeoppdrett (Norway) [0332-7132]

[Crustacean culture]

Jeppesen, G. [1986]

SUBJECT: crustacean culture; denmark/ hatching; penaeus; elevage de crustaces; astacus

POSTED TO: Nordisk Aquaculture (Norway) [0801-0730]

SUBJECT: absorcion de substancias nutritivas; alimentacion de peces; norvege/ faune; fish feeding; ruisseau

POSTED TO: Reguleringsundersoekelsene [0332-530X]

SUBJECT: distribution naturelle; pisciculture; piscicultura; larve de poisson; genotypes

POSTED TO: Fiskets Gang (Norway) [0015-3133]

Heavy metal content in cereal grains

Selmer-Olsen, A.R. [1986]

The content of some heavy metals as well as Kj.-N, K and Ca have been determined in cereal grains as wheat, oats and barley grown in the years 1930, 1931 and 1943. The results have been compared with cereals grown in 1976 and some mean values from a finnish investigation from the years 1972-1976. The results indicates that the contents in wheat and barley were as high in the samples from 1930- ...

SUBJECT: cuivre; contaminacion/ cadmio; pollution/ cadmium; nickel; radium

POSTED TO: Jord og Myr (Norway) [0332-5229]

Radial tyres in forestry/part 2

Gjedtjernet, A.M.F. [1986]

In the Report on Forest Operations Research no 27 there is an article describing the preliminary tests and results using the Micheli Bib'x M18 radial tyre in forestry. This article describes the practical tests which have been carried out during 1984/85 season. A total of 1800m3 has been transported in terrain that has in some cases been quite difficult. Thetyres have been mounted on a John De ...

SUBJECT: tracteur; ciencias forestales; norvege/ testage; noruega/ ensayo; neumaticos

POSTED TO: Research paper - Norwegian Forest Research Institute [0333-001X]

SUBJECT: drenaje/ costa; marais; drainage/ cotes; tourbiere; peatland

POSTED TO: Jord og Myr (Norway) [0332-5229]

SUBJECT: trout; croissance; contenido de lipidos; salmon del atlantico; norvege/ pisciculture

POSTED TO: Norsk Fiskeoppdrett (Norway) [0332-7132]