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Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) was established in 1991 as an autonomous organization under "Nepal Agricultural Research Council Act - 1991" to conduct agricultural research in the country to uplift the economic level of Nepalese people.

SUBJECT: pruebas; trials; machine; essai; nepal

SUBJECT: arroz; riz; mijos; barley; trigo

SUBJECT: prix; cultivos; crops; suministro de alimentos; politique alimentaire/ commercialisation

SUBJECT: rural development; nepal; highland; developpement rural; region d'altitude

SUBJECT: sociologia economica; sociologie economique; metano; methane; nepal

SUBJECT: extension; systeme de culture; sistemas de cultivo; nepal; cropping systems

Nutrition education in Nepal

Pahari, Sabi [oct1983]

SUBJECT: nutrition; education; nepal; educacion; nutricion

SUBJECT: desarrollo agricola; developpement agricole; agricultural development; machine; nepal