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The Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL) is the lead government agency responsible for the management of the agriculture sector in Papua New Guinea. Its mandate is to provide policy advice and technical and administrative support for optimal performance of the sector. These include; - contributing strategic leadership and direction to the sector, - coordinating and monitoring national agricultural development programs, - providing advice that leads to an environment that facilitates investment and supports new initiatives, - facilitati [...]

A correlation test was carried out to ascertain the relationship between standing plant species and soil seed bank species of four 0.28 ha floristically different vegetation types. They showed "r" values of 0.15 - 0.24, p0.05, hence there is no relationship between soil seed bank species and standing plant community. Species composition varied significantly between forest types, 80 percent of ...

SUBJECT: sol; papouasie nouvelle guinee; vegetation; papua nueva guinea; stockage des semences

POSTED TO: Science In New Guinea (Papua New Guinea)

SUBJECT: plante de culture; papouasie nouvelle guinee; technique de prevision; production; forecasting

POSTED TO: Technical Bulletin (Papua New Guinea)

SUBJECT: investigacion; papouasie nouvelle guinee; food crops; papua nueva guinea; cultivos alimenticios

SUBJECT: insecte nuisible; papouasie nouvelle guinee; insectos daninos; colocasia esculenta; papua nueva guinea


Nevenimo, T. et al. [1993]

SUBJECT: ochroma pyramidale; papouasie nouvelle guinee; papua nueva guinea; papua new guinea

POSTED TO: Technical Bulletin (Papua New Guinea)

SUBJECT: highlands; papouasie nouvelle guinee; maladie des plantes; enfermedades de las plantas; plant diseases

A fifteen month study of subsistence farming was undertaken in the Kubo community of Gwaimasi, Western province, Papua New Guinea. Bananas and flour from Sago palms were the main source of carbohydrate for locals grown in small gardens. Planting density was 1382 plants/ha. Bananas were available for eating between eight and twenty months after planting and yields were 1313 bunches/ha (4494kg e ...

SUBJECT: production vegetale; agricultura de subsistencia; produccion vegetal; papouasie nouvelle guinee; banano

POSTED TO: Papua New Guinea Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Papua New Guinea)

In four experiments with tumeric, P applications significantly increased the yield of rhizomes in all trials. There was some indication that sulphate of ammonia, phosphorus and a proprietary mixture of trace elements may increase yields in the presence of potassium. Urea applied alone depressed yields

SUBJECT: pruebas; curcuma domestica; papouasie nouvelle guinee; essai; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: Papua New Guinea Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Papua New Guinea)

Land shortages are cited as a major limitation on new farming activities. The most fertile land is planted to perennial crops. Food crops and gardening is forced onto more marginal land. Timber is the most important form of export earnings after cocoa with some 70 per cent. of provincial land being logged. There is, however, new interest in new income-generating activities and new cash crops a ...

SUBJECT: enquete; papouasie nouvelle guinee; agroforesteria; agroforesterie; papua nueva guinea

POSTED TO: Research Bulletin (Papua New Guinea)

SUBJECT: production vegetale; arroz; riz; imports; plant production