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CBR is a scientific library subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It has branch in Pulawy. CBR collections - thematically restricted to agriculture, food processing industry and related sciences

Biological value and true digestibility of 6 species of grains, 9 species or varieties of legume and 54 grain-legume mixtures were determined by the Thomas - Mitchell method. In the mixtures 33% of grain protein was replaced by legume protein. Biological value of majority of the grain-legume mixtures was significantly higher than that of grains alone. True digestibility of some legume mixtures ...

SUBJECT: lupinus luteus; cereale fourragere; legumineuse fourragere; proteine/ pisum sativum; rat

POSTED TO: Roczniki Naukowe Zootechniki. Monografie i Rozprawy (Poland) [0137-1665]

The conditions under which soluble and insoluble complexes of copper, zinc, and lead with humus are formed were the subject of this study. The formation of insoluble complexes were found to be chiefly dependent on the properties of humic acids. The formation of soluble complexes was also dependent on type of humic acid

SUBJECT: cuivre; pollution du sol; acido humico; contaminacion del suelo; produit/ propriete physico-chimique

POSTED TO: Soil Science Annual [0080-3642]

The milking ability of 930 cows was estimated by the method based on the highest milk amount per minute (relative milk amount for 3 minutes of milking and the udder index) as well as by another method based on the mean milk amount per 1 minute of milking. The first method proved to be more strict. Among the indices used in the first method it was the highest milk amount per 1 minute of milking ...

SUBJECT: lactacion; muestreo; echantillonnage; lactation; ordeno/ evaluacion

POSTED TO: Polish Agricultural Annual. Series B - Animal Science [0080-3669]

A simple method for characterizing humic substances from organic soils was proposed. The method consists of measurement of optical density and determination of organic forms of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and magnesium in 0.5 MNaOH extract. The effect of different uses of grassland soils on humus transformation was investigated. The grassland ecosystem seems to be most suitabl ...

SUBJECT: calcio; praderas; hierro; utilizacion de la tierra; propiedades opticas

POSTED TO: Soil Science Annual [0080-3642]

Quality rather than quantity of humus was found to influence the solubility of nickel in the soils under study, the ratio of fulvic to humic acids being the most important factor. In podzolic soils there was a positive correlation betwen humus content and solubility of lead, in rendzinas the correlation was negative

SUBJECT: nickel; acido humico; rendzinas; sol sableux; rendzine

POSTED TO: Soil Science Annual [0080-3642]

The disease symptoms on artificially inoculated bulbs developed at temperatures from 10 degrees C to 30 degrees C. In a greenhouse test disease symptoms were observed on plants 7 weeks after planting of bulbs inoculated with D. iridis. After 14 weeks 98% of the bulbs died. (Authors)

SUBJECT: temperatura del medio ambiente; medio de cultivo; enfermedades fungosas/ hojas; poder patogeno; epoca

POSTED TO: Prace Instytutu Sadownictwa i Kwiaciarstwa. Ser. B (Poland) [0208-5925]

Sixteen species of trematodes and 19 species of cestodes were found in 11 species of waterfowl, mainly ducks. the following species were recorded for the first time in Poland: Echinocotyle clerci, Microsomacanthus melanittae, M. recurvata, Retinometra giranensis. New hosts for 3 nematode and 5 cestode species were also discovered

SUBJECT: cestode; cestodos; espece nouvelle; espece; hote

POSTED TO: Acta Parasitologica Polonica (Poland) [0065-1478]

Two methods of the propagation of the enzootic bovine leukosis virus are described. One of them is based on the culturing of blood leukocytes from leukotic cattle and extraction of antigenic material by ethyl ether. In the second method the antigen is obtained from the monolayer FLK-BLF culture by means of ammonium sulphate precipitation

SUBJECT: linfocitos; leucosis bovina; cultivo de tejidos; diagnostico; gros betail

POSTED TO: Archivum Veterinarium Polonicum [0079-3647]

Rats were given a single dose of 1, 6 and 12 mg per kg b.w. of mercuric chloride and afterwards radioactive calcium. Ca deposition was more pronounced in the vertebrae than in cranial and limb bones. An increase in bone Ca content was observed after a low dose and a decrease after higher doses of mercury. Ca concentration in the kidneys and muscles increased and was the highest after a dose of ...

SUBJECT: rat; os; huesos; rata; higado

POSTED TO: Medycyna Weterynaryjna (Poland) [0025-8628]

The interactions between pea lectin and cells representing different species of Rhizobium do not account for the specifity expressed by rhizobia for their respective legume hosts. A positive correlation has been observed between lectin binding and encapsulation. The receptors for lectin binding were found to be transient in nature. Inocula from the log phase produced a greater number of nodule ...

SUBJECT: medio de cultivo; inoculacion; pisum sativum; semilla; substrat de culture

POSTED TO: Acta Microbiologica Polonica (Poland) [0137-1320]