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Ministério da Agricultura, Desenvolvimento Rural e Pescas, Secretaria-Geral, Direcção de Serviços de Informação, Organização e Gestão Informática.

This paper is a contribution for a better understanding of the technical and analytical meanings of the determination of the total polyphenol content in red wines. A comparison of the following methods is made: Folin-Ciocalteu and the absorption at 280nm wavelenght. Their connexion with the phenol content in the sample, with the colour indexes of red wines, and their dependence on interferent ...

SUBJECT: vinification; experimentation en laboratoire; compuestos fenolicos; compose phenolique; vinificacao

POSTED TO: Ciencia e Tecnica Vitivinicola (Portugal)

The solubility product constant thermodynamic for calcium tartrate in alcohol-water solutions was calculated over the range of alcohol contents 0 %-20 % and temperatures 0 deg C. - 18 deg C. in function of pH

SUBJECT: vinification; acido tartarico; vin; vinificacao; acido tartarico/ experimentos en laboratorio

POSTED TO: Ciencia e Tecnica Vitivinicola (Portugal)

SUBJECT: portugal; malformacao; limb bones; portugal/ enfermedades oseas; ossos dos membros

POSTED TO: Gazeta das Aldeias (Portugal)

In order to cooperate in a survey of the arthropods of veterinary importance of Portugal, and, particularly, of those which are integrated in the biocenosis of the nature protected areas, the author had the opportunity to study a small collection of horseflies from the Serra da Estrela nature reserve. Amongst the studied material, seven distinct species of the genus Tabanus Linnaeus were prese ...

SUBJECT: portugal; taxonomia; tabanidae; reserva natural; reserve naturelle

POSTED TO: Series: Zoology

SUBJECT: medicao do corpo; ovinos/ fisiologia animal; ovino; sheep/ animal physiology; ovin/ physiologie animale

POSTED TO: Vida Rural (Portugal)

Proceeding his studies on horseflies of Portugal, and specially on those from the nature preserved areas, the author had opportunity to examine several specimens collected by J. Passos de Carvalho in Serra da Malcata, integrated in the partial nature reserve with the same name. Amongst the species now identified, one is considered as new for the science -Tabanus rubioi n. sp.- and another one ...

SUBJECT: portugal; serra da malcata; taxonomia; tabanidae; reserva natural

POSTED TO: Series: Zoology

[Lettuce growing [Portugal]]

Tavares, H.M.R. [oct1988]

SUBJECT: necesidades de las plantas; variedade; enfermedades de las plantas; control quimico; portugal/ plagas de plantas

SUBJECT: portugal; portugal/ retail marketing; mercado abastecedor; mercados de productos basicos; horticolas

POSTED TO: SIMA: Estudos e Documentos (Portugal)

[Maize-growing in the Azores]

Lanca, J.E. et al. [spr1989]

SUBJECT: zea mays; necessidade da planta; acores; plant requirements/ plant production; zea mays

POSTED TO: Ao servico da lavoura (Portugal) [0870-9130]