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CIHEAM Bari is a Centre for post-graduate training, applied scientific research and design of in loco partnership actions within the framework of international research and cooperation programmes. The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari and the Institute of Montpellier were the first to be established by CIHEAM.

At present, coastal oases are being increasingly abandoned by their owners; farmers cultivate their plots with their agricultural and financial means and with the irrigation water available. Despite the state intervention and the creation of several development projects, production systems are still very fragile. To improve productions and to get returns from farming, farmers often change thei ...

SUBJECT: agricultural stategies; coastal oases; dynamics; productio; farming systems

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This paper studies the productivity of pig farms in conjunction with their size, in Greece. It is based on a research carried out on a sample of 80 pig farms located in various Greek regions. The economic results were derived from the collection and analysis of their technical and economic data and then classified according to the farm size. The contribution to the total output and the product ...

SUBJECT: greece; pigs; farms

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OMC, OCM et ODM...

Akesbi, Najib [2006]

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The article presents the most important factors affecting biodiversity and how governments, international agencies, and institutions acted to stop deterioration of the plant cover and how did they succeed in increasing floral population. Achievements of technology transfer in some countries are described. Obstacles facing such implementations and reasons of low participation of local communiti ...

SUBJECT: biodiversity; developing countries; technology transfer; semi arid zones; arid zones

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Algeria constitutes an outstanding ecological entity in the biosphere. Its geographical position and the structure of its bioclimatic stages make its soils a relatively important deposit of genetic resources. However, demographic growth, difficult climatic conditions, and overexploitation of the natural resources generated problems of degradation and irreversible loss of the structure of the s ...

SUBJECT: desertification; control campaigns; algeria; financial costs; deforestation

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Recently, Turkey launched a comprehensive policy reform program, of which the restructuring in the agricultural policies and markets constituted a major component, under the guidance and proviso of the IMF and World Bank. If one considers the policy instruments, the time of their application and the developments in the performance of the domestic agricultural markets, the transfer efficiency/i ...

SUBJECT: agricultural policy; markets; turkey; sugar beet

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The notion of sustainability is multidimensional; it includes ecological, social and economic parameters. Several works have evaluated sustainability and various methods developed among which mention shall be made of the IDEA method combining three scales: agro-ecological, socio-territorial and economic. A trial for the application of this method was carried out in 2004-2005 on 49 farms in the ...

SUBJECT: agro-ecology; development; dairy farming system; sustainability; sustainable agriculture

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Cooperative organizations involve more than simple competition on the market. Cooperatives as economic organizations can be community action instruments and community involvement instruments in order to combine the economic, social and political issues. The aim of this paper is to analyze economic efficiency and propose a model of social evaluation of the agricultural cooperatives.

SUBJECT: cooperatives; economic evaluation

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Rising trends and volatility of fossil fuel prices and an E.U. directive that promotes bio-energy on the 2010 horizon as well as a CO2 reduction policy increase momentum for biomass in Europe as a renewable energy source. Raw material cost is an important part of bio-energy products, thus a valuable item of information for entrepreneurs. For this reason there is a need for studies assessing bi ...

SUBJECT: crop production; greece; economic analysis

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