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Bibliographic database of resources relevant to the Caribbean Agricultural Reseach and Development Institute's research for development programmes on: small ruminants, feeds and feeding systems, sweet potato and other root crops, cereals and grain legumes, hot peppers, fruits and vegetables, germplasm, herbals, organics, agro-energy, protected agriculture, biotechnology, invasive species, climate change.

Animal production systems research and its role in the production of milk from forages

Osuji, P.O., Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Inst. [1984]

SUBJECT: milk production; cardi; feed crops; animal production

SUBJECT: milk production; plant establishment; work organization; project management; technological changes

SUBJECT: nematode control; plant production; research support; legumes; surveys

SUBJECT: nematode control; orchidaceae; germplasm; research support; groundnuts

SUBJECT: plant production; research support; legumes; vegetables; research

SUBJECT: trinidad and tobago; project management; research support; cardi; livestock

SUBJECT: plant production; germplasm; research support; legumes; vegetables

SUBJECT: plant production; research support; cowpeas; groundnuts; legumes

This Report is intended more for the general reader than for the technical specialist. In the main, the Report covers food crops, farming systems in the Grenadines, technical assistance and training and a staff listing. The section of food crops deals with disease control in yam, selecting peanut varieties, and carrot and cabbage production. It ends with the work programme for 1988/89.

SUBJECT: work organization; project management; groundnuts; production increase; technical aid

SUBJECT: research support; groundnuts; research; quarterly reports; tomatoes