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From 1983 to 2020, CTA passionately promoted knowledge sharing and digital innovations to improve productivity, resilience and income generation for millions of farmers in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

This is precisely what the Farmwise project set out to do in the rural village of Mwandama in Zomba district, Malawi. With the GenARDIS award, the project developed a computer database system with a web interface and email facility to help women farmers to determine what they can expect to harvest from their land, which crops they can grow given the soil type and fertility, and what inputs the ...

Un secret bien gardé : le fruit du nénupharCHAPEAUDans tous les pays africains, les populations locales possèdent des savoirs transmis de génération en génération. Au Niger, les populations riveraines du fleuve utilisent depuis toujours le fruit du nénuphar qui peut se cuisiner ou se manger cru. Pendant longtemps personne ne savait que les populations de pêcheurs faisaient un usage fréquent de ...

Presentation on theme 2: Information Needs for Improved Decision Making about Food and Nutrition Security

The objectives of the conference were threefold. First, to determine the need for a regional approach to EA in southern Africa. Second, to determine the best way of accounting for trans-boundary and cumulative impacts in the region.Third, to evaluate how to have harmonisation viewed as complementary within regional differences.

Cette étude, initiée par le CTA et la FAO, vise à contribuer au renforcement des capacités de la radio rurale en Afrique, à travers l’identification des personnes ressources qualifiées pour la formation et des moyens pédagogiques appropriés s’y rapportant

Double benefits from cultural controlCue: Turning the soil before planting and removing weeds from the field are both examples of good farming practice. But practices like these are also a part of pest control. Turning or cultivating help to aerate ? add air spaces to - the soil and to reduce competition for water and nutrients. Getting rid of weed plants, which are often a home to pests and d ...

What is intellectual property? ACP countries are responding to global pressure to develop and implement policies on intellectual property (IP) to protect ideas and innovations to facilitate global access and trade. IP is an idea that, when expressed in a tangible form, can be protected by law. The owners, both inventors and investors, are granted rights by a state under varying agreements and ...

On élève des vaches laitières dans le monde entier. L’élevage d’une vache laitière est une entreprise qui peut être très lucrative, en particulier à proximité des centres urbains. Cependant, comme la vache un animal de grande valeur, sa possession comporte un certain nombre de risques.

La révolution technologique dont il a amplement été question dans les médias, notamment dans les domaines de l´information, de la communication et de la biotechnologie, a suscité l´intérêt relati

Protecting village and backyard poultryCue: Avian flu is known to be a highly contagious disease ? it can be passed very easily between poultry species, and occasionally can cause illness and death in humans. Unlike some viruses, avian flu can also survive outside the body for a long time, for example in the faeces or other excretions of infected birds, or in water where infected birds have be ...