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-Provide scientific applied data and advanced techniques to achieve the economic and social development goals of Arab arid and semi-arid areas. -Propose water deficit facing policies, meet future requirements and utilize scientific and technological developments in water use rationalization. -Adopt appropriate sustainable agricultural management policies to face land degradation, benefit from scientific and technological developments in optimal agricultural resources use, improve the productive capacity of lands in general and rehabilitate the [...]

This study summarizes the hydrogeological regional situation for the deep aquifers according to the available data and establish the hydrological general characters for the deep aquifers in the related basins in view to determine their potentialities for exploitation as a strategic important resource.

SUBJECT: petrology; pétrologie; petrología; syrie; cuencas hidrográficas

ACSAD established a Gene Bank of 28 exotic varieties of grapes where 11 consumable and 17 to be industrialized in Jillin research station belonging to ACSAD in south Syria. This report included a detailed study of the varieties and classified them to phenological phases, and estimated their weight (Medium, small, very small). Specific characteristics of the fruits were also studied such as see ...

SUBJECT: produit à base de fruits; uva; banque de gènes; plante fruitière; syrie

The main objectif of this course is to enhance the capacity of the African engineers working in the field of water supply for rural settlements. In addition to the scientific programme, field visits, social tourism and cultural activities have also been included in the programme. This report includes all the activities of the course divided in two volumes. The first contains the opening and cl ...

SUBJECT: africa; agua superficial; eau souterraine; aguas subterráneas; water management

This second training course includes introductory lecture, seventeen theoretical lectures, practical training and country papers from eleven African countries.

SUBJECT: geographical information systems; africa; teledetección; desertificación; afrique

The Workshop discussed the following themes: Identification of sheep production in Lebanon, analysis of system of sheep production, means of improving efficiency of sheep production, and future perspectives for developing sheep production in Lebanon. In addition to lectures, discussions, interactions of the producers and views, the programme of the workshop included field visits to different s ...

SUBJECT: producción animal; animal welfare; líbano; bienestar animal; reproductividad

This report contains annual progress reports for CARDN member countries, and the work plan and budget 2002. The study included marketing of camels in the member countries. These are: Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen.

SUBJECT: animal breeding; chameau; camels; grazing; camello

This section includes the assessment of land degradation in the Republic of Yemen. The different chapters deals with the methodology used and the types of degradation. Five types of degradation were aborded: Degradation due to removal of the soil components, physical, biological, ans soil degradation factors. Special chapter deals with the degrees of land degradation, Mapping land degradation, ...

SUBJECT: dégradation du sol; dégradation de l'environnement; desertificación; degradación del suelo; polución

This report uncludes the following subjects: Project of sheep improvement in the Arab countries, Project of goat improvement in the Arab countries, Camel Applied Research and Development Network (CARDN), Project of improvement of systems and economies of animal production in the Arab countries, Project of conserving the Biodiversity and Environment, Project of studying the possibility of impro ...

SUBJECT: animal breeding; camels; camello; caprinos; animal resources

Numerous forms of desertification exist in Yemen, namely the degradation of lands and vegetative cover. The project includes nine basic objectives that are summarized as follows: 1- evaluate the technical reports prepared by the land degradation monitoring unit. 2- prepare a map for land degradation. 3- prepare the SOTER Map for the second pilot area. 4- submit suitable guideline for combating ...

SUBJECT: dégradation du sol; dégradation de l'environnement; degradación del suelo; soil degradation; evaluación de tierras

The objectives of this study were to identify sheep production systems, economic evaluation of each production system, the main themes for improving such systems and means for alleviating drought strikes.

SUBJECT: producción animal; syrie; méthode d'élevage; syria; ovinos